There is a cat holding me hostage

Zelda is in my lap and will not release me to do anything at all that involves moving from the computer desk. (Well, she would let me get up to feed her, but that doesn’t happen for another hour.)

I tried on my helmet with the intention of adjusting it today. I adjusted the straps but it is still all slidey so I wrote Wicked to see if I could exchange it. They were fabulously quick to reply that yes, I can indeed exchange it. I guess I’ll have to get a kids helmet! Tiny head. It has always been my bane! I can’t wear hats. It makes me sad. I love hats.

I wanted to go skating today, but in addition to the helmet issues, it is raining. I did find a couple of rinks that have 1 and 2 dollar nights during the week, so I’m going to check them out starting next week/month/year 🙂

New Years goal: Learn to skate backwards.


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