Year in Review, Oh What Fun

First things first: That horse, I am on it. I did the off the skates workout this morning, but I did it with my kneepads on, because Erica suggested I practice crossovers with them because they’re kinda thick. I do fine crossing left leg over right, but there’s some contact right over left, which I think is the more important of the two what with the counter-clockwise track skating….

Going out to skate after this. Yay!

2011 has mostly been a crap year. I got let go from one job, only found part time employment to replace it, had lots of money troubles, got dumped, had lots more money troubles, had school issues…granted there are silver linings/bright sides to most of those things (I was not thrilled with the job I lost, I am thrilled with the one I replaced it with, the dumper was a liar and a jackass and being dumped allowed me to meet a lot of cool people, school is almost done and didn’t kick my ass) but most years around this time I want to get rid of previous years for being bad to my friends, so two years in a row where I’m kicking them for kicking me is a little weird.

In 2012, I’m going to find a job that both thrills me and pays me enough that I can afford to live on my own without assistance and occasionally buy not-totally-necessary things, and I’m going to join the DC Rollergirls as a skater and I am going to rebuild my savings and pay off bills and things will continue to go well with The Boy and I might travel a bit too. It will be better than this year by a billion and then some.

Today’s New Years Resolution: Make it into Meat Camp and pass WFTDAs



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2 responses to “Year in Review, Oh What Fun

  1. I think it’s awesome that you have clear goals and *extremely* strong focus for 2012. I’m going to try to take after you…

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