I am a lazy ass.

I had hoped to be doing this AFTER working out and skating, but as the entry title states, I am a lazy ass. I woke up at 10:30, which was around when I wanted to wake up, but I was demonstrating to Zelda that I don’t give in to terrorists (she, lovely kitty that she is, was knocking things down off my computer desk and chewing on bills in order to get me up to feed her) and I fell back asleep and slept another 5 hours (total: 13 hours or so) and dreamed about roller skating instead.

Some friends had holiday parties this December that, in previous years I had been invited to, which I was not invited to this year, and it made me feel pretty shitty. I know that the mature thing is probably to talk to them, but I dunno that I would believe whatever they said in response, so what’s the point of that? So! I made a plan for dealing with this sort of thing, now and in the future. If we’re close enough that I would trust them to tell the truth, then I will ask, but not in a confrontational way. Otherwise, adios, I don’t need this shit in my life. I’ve talked a good game about this in regards to the ex, where the not in my life part is at least partially not in my control anyway, so it’s time to enact it where it is in my control, too.

Part of why I am a lazy ass today is that last night my giant little boy kitten, Fitzy, ate something he shouldn’t have (and/or ate all his food and Zelda’s too) and puked on the floor near the door, twice; on the couch; on the bed!; and on the floor in the bedroom doorway. I gave him a dose of GNC Ultra Mega Hairball Formula (AKA Kitty Intestinal Lube) around 3am, and it seems to have helped him enough that when it was breakfast time, he got up and ate a bit but not enough that he is his usual, rambunctious self. He and Zelda are on the bed with a blanket my grandmother crocheted for me, curled up and napping (I guess being Terrorist Kitty is hard work.) I got up 3 or 4 times in the night to take care of the mess and give soothing pets to sad kittens. :/

New Years Eve! Was this weekend. I had many invites to gatherings and was sad I couldn’t make them all. I spent dinner (fondue! 5 desserts! OMG! Yes, of course I ate all 5 desserts. I had a second helping of the apple tart, even! MUST WORK OUT SOON) at my aunt’s house in Silver Spring with a large percentage of my not inconsiderably sized family (my dad has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. 2 of each gender have at least 2 kids. There are a lot of us) and then around 10 I headed out to ring in the new year with The Boy at a small gathering at his coworker’s house (the host also helped The Boy and I brew beer last week, and when I say he helped, I mean he helped lots while I helped very little) and we had fun, although the Boy drank enough that he wasn’t comfortable driving until 4 am so I am sure we kept poor J. up long after he’d have liked to sleep, but we introduced him to Archer, so I think it’s a wash 😉

To have all my New Years Skating Goals in one place, I am putting them RIGHT HERE:

  1. Get back on track with the whole fitness thing.
  2. Learn to stop on skates without falling down or gliding to a stop, inertia-style, before January is over.
  3. Get low and learn to turn so I can actually skate in a circle before the end of January.
  4. Skate a minimum of 4 times a week.
  5. Learn to skate backwards.
  6. Make it into Meat Camp and pass WFTDAs

And, since I have some non-skating goals too:

  1. Don’t keep people who make me feel like crap in my life.
  2. Also, don’t make a big deal about getting rid of those people
  3. Get a job that pays well enough that I can stop relying on others for money
  4. Get a job I love. (Ideally, the same one as the above job!)
  5. Rebuild my savings
  6. Pay off credit card, at least one of my student loans
  7. Make sure the people who don’t make me feel like crap know how much I love them, all the time. (I’f you’re in my life, and it’s because I want you around rather than because we share office space or whatever, I love you.)
  8. Take 1 non-family trip, whether it is the Big Continent Tour I have been planning (unlikely), a graduation present trip to Europe (hopefully!!) or a weekend visiting semi-nearish-but-not-near-enough-for-day-trips friends.
  9. Find a way to make my giant, nosy family less intimidating to non-family 😉

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