Kenny Log-Ins: Surface Streets to the Danger Zone!

Yeah, I’m listening to an oldish Nerdist podcast. It’s from LAST YEAR!11!! :O

So it is amazing how out of shape I have become by being all sporadic with my workouts. Seriously, I quit like 6 minutes into the 10 minute thigh workout. I got winded walking from my car to the office building. I am pathetic and need to fix it. Since I know I did it before, I know I can do it again but it is so frustrating :/ Lame.

I took down the Christmas tree yesterday and it is amazing how much cleaner the room looks with the cat tree back in the usual corner where the Christmas tree was. Fitz decided to leap from the floor to the top level of the cat tree and knocked it down, breaking the top bit off and probably terrorizing the downstairs neighbors with the loud thump. The cats still scratch on the pole from the top piece, so it’s still functional. *shrug* When I have a FT job, I’ll get them a new, fancier cat tree. Eventually.

It’s super freezing today, which makes it a perfect day to go skating because it will keep me warm! I have to cancel my cable today, schedule a neuro appointment, and talk to the MD Unemployment folks because they gave me 40% of what they usually give me last month at the beginning of the month (and who knows about the second half of the month, I’m still waiting to hear about that) and trying to get ahold of them last month after it happened was all screwed up with holidays and busy signals and time off and GRAWR. Hopefully I can get that stuff done before it gets all dark. Unless I go to Temple Hills instead. Hmm…


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