Lots of Birthday Love

You guys, I am getting lots of birthday love today. Also, today is the birthday of one Matthieu Perreault, aka Matty P., aka my favorite Quebecois, aka Hershey Bears/Washington Caps center. Numba 85! Woo! He is 24 today, which makes me feel old. But almost all my beloved Caps make me feel old, so I am used to it. 😉 I also have not just a birthday twin, but a birthday triplet! I’ve known for years that my friend Steve shares my birthday (he is a year younger, and therefore less wise, than me.) But, DCRG’s EMT volunteer DNR is ALSO celebrating her birthday today. YAY, US!

Unfortunately, it took me a while to discover that birthday love pouring in via FB, twitter, email, and text messages, because I had a very lazy start this morning. I did not exercise (although I decided which workout I was going to do, had I actually gotten up.) I did not have breakfast. I did not do anything except exasperate my cats. And dream a Last Unicorn sequel. Schmendrick was my uncle! But that’s not so helpful. Fortunately, I did manage to get showered and dressed and to work. I am here late today so I can go straight to the Tune Inn to celebrate my birth with those friends who can make it out to The Hill on a Thursday, so I won’t be skating, either. But since I get to sleep in tomorrow anyway, I think I will be able to get skating. I also think that it’s more importnat that I get on some damn skates than do some exercise at this point, because I flew on that high for like a week and a half after 1 skating session, so that should help way more than skate taps, right?

Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess, posted the other day about depression and self harm and then about the response to that post and it is all much more eloquent and interesting than this so I’m just going to leave that there, then. Also, her book comes out in April and it is gonna be awesome so pre-order it already.

In derby news, last night DCRG had tryouts for the All-Stars, their travel team. Congratulations to all the skaters who tried out despite butterflies with bombs flitting about your tummies, you are all rock stars! People are starting to find out who made it and who didn’t, but regardless, you girls are amazing and an inspiration! In further derby news, Bonnie D. Stroir posted a blog entry about the often unsung non-skating members of the derby community. As one of those non-skating members (gotta pass my WFTDAs to skate at events in any capacity!), I want to thank her. Reading the comments reminds me of something I’ve noticed a bit, though. This doesn’t happen much at DCRG (or at least, not around me) but some people seem to only think of refs and NSOs (non-skating officials) as volunteers and don’t include all the people who volunteer as ticket takers, merchandise sellers, bouncers, announcers, and everyone else who works to keep the derby machine running smoothly. So I want to remind everyone that the derby community is wide and varied, and it requires people of all stripes to make it work. ❤


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4 responses to “Lots of Birthday Love

  1. Have a lovely, lovely birthday, Mels. I didn’t realize how close our days were on the calendar. Less than a week apart!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mel!! Hope you’ve had a great day.

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