Head to Toe Aches and Pains: Yep I’m in my 30s for sure.

Last night some friends met up with me at the Tune Inn to celebrate my birthday. My boss Katie and I went over and she bought me a beer and we split some mac and cheese wedges (yay fried food woo!) and we chatted for a bit until The Boy arrived, and then Katie headed out to pick up some groceries because she committed herself to making a cheesecake for a dinner party. As my friends trickled in, I recited the draft beer list for them (because I heard it 3 times and the waitress was sort of lackadaisical about checking on us, since she was covering the entire bar, and because it was fairly short.) It was my drunkest birthday since my 21st, which seems more impressive/terrifying when I don’t point out that my 21st consisted of 4 girls drinking a bottle of wine and a small batch of daiquiris. (School wasn’t in session yet! Don’t judge!) The tally was 2 whiskeys, 2 beers, and a lemon drop (because Mac is EVIL.) Also like a gallon and a half of water (about a quart of which was enjoyed at the bar, and the rest was sucked down at midnight when I returned home and at 5 am when I woke up for an hour.) Most folks left around 10ish, it being a “school night” and then College Friend Ed and I hung out until a little after 11 before he walked me to my car and headed off to Union Station metro to take himself home. (and there were a surprising number of cars still in the lot I park in at 11:35 when I sat down in the driver seat. WTF, staffers?)

Despite all the water, I ended up with a migraine today. I know it was a migraine and not a hangover, because not only didn’t I puke, I wasn’t even nauseated until I took my migraine meds, which is one of their super fun side effects. I’ve been getting them EXTREMELY rarely since I started taking B-2 last summer, to the point where one in december and this one are the only ones I’ve had since August-ish (previously I was getting 12+ a month that wouldn’t go away without triptans. Now most of my headaches that I do get go away with tylenol, and are generally sinus related.) However, these past two have both taken double doses to have any effect on them. Because my insurance only lets me buy any 1 type of triptan a month (I have prescriptions for 3) I don’t know if this is because I only have 1, and it’s one I’ve been on the longest, and my body is just acclimated to it, or if it’s because of the rarity of migraines or the change in my meds or what….

also, I made the mistake of not thinking about the walk from my building to Tune Inn when I chose my footwear yesterday morning. 4 inch heels made several blisters and my right foot bled a little (though, mysteriously, the bleeding hurt a million times less than the blisters. Jerks.) So. Head to toe pain.

As such, instead of roller skating and grocery shopping today, I slept until 12:37 with icepacks, water, and tylenol attempting to combat my issues, and then couch potatoed with ice packs, House, and an 80s movie with Mary Stuart Masterson and Andrew McCarthy (at 1 and again at 2:30 I took my triptans, and they finally kicked in just before 4.) And the cats peed on my bedspread, so that’s awesome too. But I’m going to the Nerdist Podcast live tonight with the Boy, and I’m gonna skate tomorrow (after I pop my blisters!! yuck.) and do laundry to remove the catstank as much as possible, and everything is gonna be fine. Also I have a neuro appt next week, so I can ask one of the Top Neurologists in the DC Area her opinion on the matter of my brain. And then pay out of pocket because the school changed insurance companies and my neuro doesn’t take it even though its a way more well known company than the one we had before (although they both SUCK BALLS as far as prescription coverage is concerned.)

Wait, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I was being aggressively positive instead of griping. Sorry about that.

Also, since I missed it on Tuesday, here is this weeks poem, a relatively recent one (past 2 years):
You painted such a pretty picture,
a little square house, sun in the corner
2 point four kids and a dog in the yard

but that’s not watercolors on the page, oh no,
nor acrylic on a canvas;
you painted your picture with arterial blood
and the maggots are crawling.

that’s okay though,
I mean, without maggots we
wouldn’t have flies
to feed the frogs and birds
that sing me to sleep.

On warm summer nights near the swamp
I listen to their song
and realize that nothing is better
for me than that and
you could never give it to me,
nor take it, now that you’ve left.


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2 responses to “Head to Toe Aches and Pains: Yep I’m in my 30s for sure.

  1. Today’s poem? One of the absolutely favorite you’ve posted so far. I’m a completely shit verse critic, so saying more than “Man, that hit me just right” is going to make me look foolish and you be embarrassed for me. It did, in fact, hit me just right, though.

    But if I had to single out praise, the opening stanza just straight grabbed me and pulled me through the rest.

    And getting old sucks.

    • thanks, E! The poem always feels disjointed to me, because I wrote the first two stanzas when I was REALLY pissed after getting dumped by someone who pretty much spent the 6 months prior to dumping (literally up to the day before) talking about how much he wanted to marry me and then I finished it like 6 months later when I finally realized how much energy I was wasting hating him.

      mostly I don’t feel old, so it doesn’t suck, but occasionally it sucks A LOT

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