Who do you wanna be?

First, because I promised twitter I would, song lyrics I ad libbed while listening to the Foo Fighters self titled debut album in the car yesterday, all about my cat. (These were spur of the moment, make my poetry look like fucking Neruda, but I hope they give you a giggle.)

To the chorus of “Alone + Easy Target”: Hey Fitzy/you are dumb/why do you eat things that aren’t food?/Condoms are not edible, dude.
To the opening of “Good Grief”: Pretty kitty cats/you are fuzzy and cute and moronic/you eat things that aren’t/food even though it is dumb/I don’t know what to do/Fitzy foo, Fitzy foo/you are an idiot, Fitzy Foo.
To the opening of “Floaty”: Hey Fitz/you’re so cute/but you are so fucking dumb/you should/only eat/food instead of a fucking condom”

Really, I think I sang “fucking” a lot more than is represented above, but that’s all I remember right now.

Second, let’s talk about skating. I didn’t do it again today. I planned to do it after the cable guy left, but first I wanted to make sure I could still stream to my blu ray player and then I had to test the BD of Whip It that I got for my birthday so I could return it if it didn’t work. Then I was tired and needed a nap. (because it’s hard work watching tv, y’all.) Then it was dark. I thought about it, and I realized what my damage is with skating right now.

I’m scared. I got all the pads, sure, but I don’t currently have a helmet (in case you forgot, I had to exchange my helmet because it was too big.) This is a little ridiculous since I skated outside without any pads or anything before, but then, last time I did it, I jarred my spine hard enough to scramble my brains a bit, and that scares me.

So until I get my helmet, I am an indoor kitty. Tomorrow and Tuesday at Temple Hills, then Wednesday and Thursday at Skate Zone, 6:30 – 9, I will be skating for $1-2 a session. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome to, of course! But I warn you, I am totally pathetic on skates still and may beg you for help on learning to do stuff.



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2 responses to “Who do you wanna be?

  1. saalon

    I absolutely, totally support safety. Be safe. Wait until you have the safety things. Absolutely.

    But then.

    I’m gonna be on your ass to skate without fear.


    (Also, kittycondomfood songs? Bwaaaahahah!)

  2. That is exactly what I made this blog for: the internet to yell at me. In a motivational way.

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