Nerdist Podcast Live and other Birthday Joy

So Friday for my birthday, or really for Christmas, I got to see the Nerdist Podcast live at the 9:30 Club with my boyfriend. I had seen Chris Hardwick do stand up at the Drafthouse before, and heard Matt Mira and Jonah Ray do stand up on the podcast before, and of course I have heard all the hostful podcasts and most of the guest podcasts. They opened with some stand up, first from Matt, then Jonah, then Chris. Matt did all new material, and was consistently funny, though a bit shaky in general, which is to be expected as he is, as Chris said, the baby comic of the three. Jonah did a mix of stuff I had heard and stuff I hadn’t, and was a lot more charming than he seems on the podcast. Chris did a lot of stuff I had heard before, but most of it was altered or refined, and it was all still funny, so that’s cool. I was a bit surprised that Jonah and Chris did stuff they’ve done on the podcast before, since this audience is likely to have heard it, but it all worked. After they did their stand up they started recording the podcast. It was very enjoyable, and once again, Jonah was a lot more charming in person than I had expected from listening to the podcast. There were a lot of interesting quemments, and one completely annoying one. Chris was saying that they had a surprise for us and we needed to wrap up the quemments (yes, I did totally sing along with the stupid quemment song, suck it) and this guy spent like 5 minutes gushing and babbling before even getting to the quemment, which was really boring to everyone not him, and there was some heckling (I admit, I was a heckler. I shouted “GET ON WITH IT” all Monty Python-style). Then, finally, we got our surprise. I’m not gonna say what it was, because they podcast hasn’t gone up yet, but it. Was. AWESOME.

Saturday, well you know how my morning went! (Speaking of which, the rest of the condom is in the litter box, safely ensconced in a turd. I checked right before I left for work, or I’d have removed it to the dumpster already. I know you were desperately wondering.) I wrote about that at mom and dad’s, while doing laundry and checking the little bastard’s poop regularly. We also had lobster for dinner (YUM) and 3 different kinds of cake (german chocolate, yuck!, regular chocolate, and yellow, which I took home to eat later) and two different kinds of ice cream (fleur de sel caramel and peanut butter cup moose tracks) plus there were two kinds we didn’t have that I am so gonna have next time I’m there (Bonaroo Buzz and Mint Chocolate Cookie-I don’t care if there’s caffeine in the first one, there’s WHISKEY in it. BOOZE ICE CREAM NEEDED ALWAYS.) After cake was presents! Dad got me a scale (yes, I asked for it on my wishlist, so I could keep track of my weight loss), the Middleman graphic novel trade paperback, and Whip It on bluray (the special features are SO disappointing, OMG.) Mom got me some cash (woo!), John Dies at the End, Instructions (Gaiman and Vess!), and Anomia, a cardgame/party game that was on my wishlist.

Yesterday I visited with the boy, who is not feeling well, and got part of my birthday present (the rest must be compiled, apparently, and will be amusing.) It’s a kit of stuff for derby-some tools, speed cream, bearing cleaner, etc. Very nice!

Tonight, assuming the snow doesn’t turn the beltway into the worst traffic jam ever, I will be skating at Temple Hills. I’m not sure if they let you wear your equipment or not, so I have to call and check beforehand. If so, I’m at least gonna wear my kneepads because crossovers are gonna be harder with them on, and I need to get used to that.


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