I keep forgetting what day it is! Here is this week’s poem


I was leaving my room, and I tripped over something. I bent down to look at it.
It was a piece of you.
Not a foot, or an ear. A piece of you.
You must have left it her the last time you came over.
I picked it up and placed it on a shelf, intending to return it to you later.
But when I came home, it caught the light in such an interesting way.

That was three weeks ago.

The other day I noticed it was drooping. It wasn’t doing well.
I decided to water it. I got a watering can out of the shed.
It was dusty with lack of use, so I washed it. Then I watered the piece of you.

That was a mistake.

Now I have a puddle of blue goop on my shelf
and its stained three DVD cases as well as being impossible to get off the shelf.
I guess I’m stuck with it, this piece of you
on my shelf forever.

Well its only an ikea shelf. I can probably cover it with paper and sell it at a yard sale.
Then someone else can deal with that piece of you.



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4 responses to “I keep forgetting what day it is! Here is this week’s poem

  1. saalon

    Absolutely loved the ruined shelf –> ikea shelf imagery in the last two stanzas. Loved.

  2. samatwitch

    What an interesting concept. Mel. As always, your imagery is very vivid.

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