You guys, I am sick. And I don’t like it.

I woke up Sunday with a wicked sore throat and I thought I was kicking it’s butt with Airborne and OJ but this morning I was drowning in phlegm and my throat was on fire despite the phlegm-flood and OMG IT SUCKS. Swallowing feels like broken glass grinding into my throat. NOT AWESOME.

Also, after skating last Tuesday I’ve had intermittent pain of the kidney stone variety-I think some of my falls jarred some of my smaller stones out of the fleshy folds of my right kidney, and last night and this morning I have had some pain in the bladder region and some between kidney and bladder and it’s like my body is mocking me. “Oh, you think you’re so tough, you can change tires and roller skate and fall down a lot, but can you fight…YOURSELF?” (NEGA-SCOTTMELS!)

On the amusing side of things, Fitzy thinks the odor of my sweaty skating pads is the BEST THING EVER and wants to nap in my kneepads. On the plus side of things, my helmet arrived at mom and dad’s and also, apparently, a book for me, from someone, so yay, things for me. On the slacker side, I keep forgetting to update my fitocracy info to include stuff, but on the not-slacker side I’ve been doing pilates in the mornings, so I am getting back into the swing of things, and I have been practicing my derby stance in skates on the tiny bit of linoleum by the front door (so I can watch TV while I am doing it.) It’s surprisingly easy to avoid rolling (as a balance exercise) which makes me wonder if I’m doing it wrong, but I’ll have someone check me out and let me know soon enough.

Jobwise, I have an interview with a temp-to-hire Records Management company, for a federal Records Analyst position, that was supposed to happen today but they were very gracious and it’s been rescheduled for Friday. The upshot is if I give good interview but I don’t get this position they’ll keep my resume on file and let me know when other positions suited to me pop up. Karen, the Senate Historian, also let me know she gave my resume out to someone for another internship, so if that pans out I could work two PT Senate internships, which would be nice in that I could stick with this job, which I love, and get to know even more people who could help me keep working at the Senate when the internships are over.

Okay, Jello for breakfast now. Oh wait, it’s Tuesday! Poem first, then Jello.

pieces two

I seem to be leaving
pieces of me all over the place.

there’s one in your bed, I know
because that one I left on purpose.
but if you find one on the couch,
in the passenger seat of your car,
in your friend’s room-

I’d kinda like those back.
No, really.

It’s just that I was falling apart that day
that week
that year
and well, now things have started to stick
the holes filling with lint, and feathers
and cat hair (O, the cat hair!)
and I think if I could put back
the bits I’ve left around
I’d stop wanting the holes
to be filled by you.



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6 responses to “You guys, I am sick. And I don’t like it.

  1. saalon

    First: Tea with honey, soup, tea with honey, tea with honey, soup. Inject sleep into any part of that process. Maybe all the parts.

    Second: I’m glad you remembered poetry day without my nagging ( 😉 ) but I’d have totally nagged for this one. Great.

  2. samatwitch

    Great poem, Mels. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Poor Mels — feel better soon, cupcake! Remember that resting is *good* for you. And WOW with this poem; it may be the best one I’ve read so far!

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