I got better. And then I was turned into a newt.

One of those statements is not true.

Feeling mostly better. Still coughing a lot. Weirdly, it’s mostly a dry cough, which AFAIK has nothing to do with illness whatsoever, but sometimes it is a more “productive” cough (ooh look at me being all delicate when discussing bodily functions! Fancy!) I’m also coughing more in the bedroom than elsewhere, which is annoying and I blame the febreeze I used to get the last of the pee smell out of my duvet. I even tried to air out the room by opening the window and turning the window fan around to suck inside air to the outdoors, but apparently it is useless. I’m back to having normal amounts of snot in my nose, too, which is interesting only because I had less than normal amounts of congestion, which it turns out is horrible because cats pee and pee smells bad.

This weekend I am going to be getting my helmet from mom and dad’s and also spending most of my time cleaning their basement for them. Oh shit, I hope my dad is home so he can run interference while I take shit to the dump, because my mom will NOT get rid of stuff unless we force her. There are seriously food products down there that are from last century. Anyway, though I am spending a lot of time cleaning, I am gonna bring my skates and pads and try to get some time to go to one of the culs-de-sac in their neighborhood to practice skating some more. In circles, even!

Also, in case you were wondering, when not in my office (which is staffed with people who do not support PIPA anyway) all I’ve heard all day from staffers is talk of the blacked out webpages, so the senate staffers hear you-good job! Make sure their bosses and their bosses’ counterparts in the House do too, by contacting your elected officials. Stop PIPA/SOPA!


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