There has GOT to be a better way.

In addition to lots of dreams that focused on people living at home with parents/in basements, I kept dreaming of drowning and smothering last night. This is probably because I WAS DROWNING/SMOTHERING IN MY OWN FLUIDS. It’s been a very phlegmy week, you guys, and sleeping sitting up doesn’t help with the phlegm or the coughing. Which is weird because wakeful sitting up does. HOW DO I SURVIVE THIS? I am otherwise fine. But it’s making my sleep less restful which is making it hard to get up in the morning which makes it hard to get to work on time, which makes everyone unhappy. EVERYONE I TELL YOU. (I might be a little punchy this morning, can you tell?)

Tonight I am meeting with Funsize Jenn to talk about volunteers and bouncers and working out the kinks therein. We’re going to Franklin’s, which is a general store/restaurant/beer/microbrewery near me that I love and they make their own beer and root beer and have the best fries ever and I love them so I am excited.

Tomorrow I have an interview and lots of cleaning to do.

Saturday I have more cleaning. Also, a screening of HE MAN at my friends’ place because…well…HE MAN. On VHS. WHY WOULDN’T YOU DO THIS?!

This is boring but I am sleepy and can’t find my iPod so you’ll have to just hope something exciting happens before tomorrow’s post.

Just over a week until the January bout! Cherry Blossom Bombshells versus the Majority Whips at 4, DC Demoncats versus their archrivals Scare Force 1 at 5:45! January 28th! BE THERE



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2 responses to “There has GOT to be a better way.

  1. saalon

    So much sympathy for the sickness. Misery sickness is better than I Gonna Die sickness, but in the throws of it, it sure doesn’t feel much different.

    Most importantly: GOOD LUCK AT YOUR INTERVIEW!

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