I’m not suicidal, I just can’t get out of bed

I’ve been listening to Metric’s album Fantasies a lot, which is what the post title is from. But also, I HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME GETTING OUT OF BED. Even today, when I woke 10 minutes before my alarm which was to go off 90 minutes before I needed to get out of bed? I didn’t want to get out of bed.

I had my interview today. It went fine, and then was followed up by a phone interview with the person who is the POC for the position. (I can’t remember if I mentioned before, this interview was with a temp/temp-to-hire/direct hire place, for a position with a federal contractor, but also for anything else that pops up that is in my wheelhouse. yes. layers.) So now I am waiting to hear about a phone interview with the contractor. I was pretty babbly at the interview, it was not my best. But I apparently have the right skillset, so that is good.

When I got home I was like “I will change clothes and go to moms to clean yay” and then I got out of my suit and was like “oooh I could get into bed.” Only the fact that I didn’t eat yet kept me out of bed. And then I noticed the time, and it being Friday I knew driving to NoVA on the beltway was a bad plan. So after this, I might get back into bed until rush hour is over. even though I have things to do. But I LOVE MY BED OH MY GOD LET ME SNUGGLE IN YOUR WARMTH AND SLEEP THE SLEEP OF THE TIRED.

I forgot to mention! Wednesday at work we had a meeting and one of the other archivists had a roller skate pendant on. I spent the entire 90 minute meeting waiting to ask her if she skates. (She does not. It was a gift from a friend.) Because I also was wearing my skate necklace, I was asked if I skate, and I talked about being DCRG’s head bouncer and trying out in the spring. Whenever I mention being a bouncer I get one of two responses: you’re not big enough to be a bouncer (usually from dudes) or: you must be so badass, remind me not to piss you off (usually from ladies). This time it was the latter from dudes AND ladies. Of course no one actually said “badass” because we were at work. But there were “I will endeavor to avoid you in the hallways!” jokes. So I hereby solemnly swear not to check anyone in the senate office buildings. Which, according to a package we received yesterday, can be abbreviated “SOB” which amuses me on many many levels. Ok, two. Two levels. (cue laugh of Sesame Street’s the Count)

So! Cleaning tonight, cleaning and nerdy fun tomorrow, hopefully not much cleaning and lots of skating Sunday.

8 days until the January DCRG Bout!



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2 responses to “I’m not suicidal, I just can’t get out of bed

  1. saalon

    I have a brutally hard time getting out of bed all winter. Waking up to darkness does my mind *no good* and it all spirals from there. By February I feel like I should be happy I’m even opening my eyes when my alarm goes off. Because that stops happening, too.

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