I’m Still Here.

I am trying, desperately, to break out of this weird hibernation mode I seem to be in. I am starting to wonder if I need a sun lamp or vitamin D or an excess of citrus or some combination thereof. I keep not sleeping until ridiculous hours in the morning and then a few minutes before the alarm is due to go off my brain shuts down and I’m all WHAT THE FUCK OVERSLEEPING CATS SPILLED FRUIT PUNCH ON THE BED WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and it really makes for a terrible start to EVERY DAY EVER.

Weight/Health wise, I can fit into my suit that I haven’t been able to wear since December 2010. I more often am on the lower end of the 130-135 spectrum of weight. I still have a kidney stone, which is PART of why I can’t sleep lately. Stupid jerk stone.

Jobwise: the interview went fine, but not great, and they’re passing my resume on to the actual hiring person, so I am waiting to hear about a phone interview for that. There was another part time internship opening at the senate, but I can’t be on two senate payrolls, so I couldn’t take it, but they offered to hold it until this internship is up, and I am torn about this. 1, yay having worked lined up, but b, I NEED FULL TIME WORK and III, its not fair to have them hold the job for me when I’m not definitely gonna take it but fourthly, no one is gonna look out for me but me. ARGH.

Saturday is bout day! Come out to the DC Armory to check out the CBB VS the Whips and SF1 VS DCDC!

Today is Tuesday, hence, poem.

you laughed at nothing
and smiled at everything

until the day

you wept at nothing
and sighed at everything

and then there was the day

you smiled at nothing
and wept at nothing,
you laughed at nothing
and sighed no more.

‘Ladies,’ you told us,
‘the time have come
when you must decide
to play for keeps or
to fold your hand.’

you were a big fan of cliches.
you rarely got them right.

‘I think,’ you mused,
‘I think…’ and there you stopped;
heart beating no more.



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