back to normal?

after work yesterday I was a busy sleepy bee, as the boy called me, and got laundry and cooking and some cleaning done. I was REALLY TIRED by bedtime, so I was pretty sure I would finally sleep. I was sort of right.

I did fall asleep, although not as quickly as I expected-at first my brain wouldn’t turn off, but I concentrated really hard on relaxing (oxymoronic, I know) and trying to shut down the constant stream of information going on (how can you sleep when your brain is composing emails and blog posts? You can’t!) and eventually (30-60 minutes, I’d guess) it worked. But then the cats were assholes making noise at 2 am so I woke up again. I kicked them out of the bedroom and went through the same damn thing (although it took less time this time) and once I was out I slept until morning.

the bad news is that I was still wiped this morning. The good news is I wasn’t too tired to get up and get moving. The bad news is that I didn’t start until 9. But progress!

The other bad news is that on the way to work on 3rd St, which is lined on both sides with parked cars, I swerved to avoid a jackass pickup truck who was taking up more than his half of the road and knocked a mirror off a parked car. But, I didn’t get smooshed by Jackass Pickup Truck and so all is wellish, I suppose. I was all excited to not need much money from my parents for February (I have/will have had enough to cover rent and some early-in-the-month bills) but 1. comcast charged me for a full month of services when I didn’t have them all month and 2. I am at fault for the car damage, so…no money for Melly. Oh well.

To do:
-email bouncers (the schedule is done! YAY!)
-finish cleaning
make a totally unnecessary AC/DC reference
-rock interview today like a hurricane
-review records management stuff like the difference between a retention schedule and a file plan so I can…
-rock phone interview tomorrow like a hurricane
-rock derby like a hurricane

We still need volunteers, so go here or, if that doesn’t work (it seems to work intermittently) leave a comment here and I’ll tell you what we need to know to sign you up. 2 hours work gets you in for free!


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