Okay, I have no idea if this sleep thing is resolved or not.

So last night after work (more on that later EEEE!) I took care of some chores around the house, watched a dangerous amount of 30 Rock on netflix instant and then settled in with a cup of chocolate-mint herbal tea (sidenote: yes I know it’s not really tea unless there are leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant in it, but no one knows what a tisane is, shut up) and deliberately avoided screens and doing anything except relaxing.

I didn’t fall asleep after finishing my tea. Around midnight (an hour after settling in, and about 40 minutes after finishing my tea) I got up, made more tea, and grabbed a Dresden Files book I haven’t read in a while and settled down on the floor in the hallway to lackadaisically play fetch with Fitz and read myself into sleepiness. When 1:30 rolled around I realized that I was no more sleepy than I had been (which, until I tried to sleep, I thought was VERY sleepy) and I may as well try laying down again. And I did fall asleep. I woke around 7:30, but because of the RIDICULOUS, FUCKED UP weather in DC this morning (crazy thunderstorms and rain and sunshine and 60 fucking degrees at 8 am in Jaunary!!) I had a migraine. A really painful one. So I took my sample of treximet (which, can I just say, is the most frustratingly packaged pill in the KNOWN UNIVERSE? Not good for people with neurological issues, guys. Just sayin’.) and ice packed and did not really sleep any more. After about an hour it kicked in, delightfully, but the problem with vasoconstrictors is that they sometimes make you sleepy with the reduced bloodflow to the brain and OH MY GOD is this the world’s longest run on sentence ever? Anyway, I sort of dozed a tiny bit but got a text from Funsized Jenn about DCRG scheduling so that saved me from being asleep forever.

Work things: there’s another committee that wanted me part time, I think I mentioned here before, and they got a waiver so the payroll rule won’t keep me from working on two different committees, so I will be working a full 40 hours a week. I won’t be making any more money monthly than I am now, though, because my unemployment just ran out. And would have gone away in any case, working 40 hours as I will be.

Fun things: beer tasting tonight! And making pizza! Yay! Board games on Sunday! Also yay!

Derby things: today is January Bout Eve! Tomorrow doors will open at 3, action starts at 4. Two bouts. A cool halftime show. Beer. Awesomeness. Be there. DC Armory. $12.


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6 responses to “Okay, I have no idea if this sleep thing is resolved or not.

  1. saalon

    Yay, full time employment! Not so yay: No more money! Net: I think it works out to a yay, because it would have been less without it! So yay!

  2. You know what you need, Mels? A solid month away on a tropical island so your body can just cycle through the whole circadian rhythm, making you first entirely nocturnal, then eventually diurnal again. Also, you’ll be exceedingly well-rested and stress-free. Have I given this too much thought? Perhaps. Perhaps.

  3. I’m also ‘yaying’ about your second job and waiving the rules so you could have it. Boo for not sleeping well, though.

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