January Bout Report-Cops and Robbers

So, Saturday was the January bout. It brought in around 2400 screaming fans who took a moment to do the wave!
Bout Scores: Cherry Blossom Bombshells 110 over Majority Whips 94; Scare Force One 229 over DC Demoncats 53.

We did some stuff differently this time. There was a theme (cops and robbers) and many volunteers dressed up to fit the theme. (We have done themed bouts before but not regularly-I don’t know if this will be a regular thing, but it was fun!) We had skaters helping at the merch table and taking pictures with fans (to go with the theme we did a “DCRG Mugshot” photo promo). We also had to make a lot of last minute adjustments, because we were NOT expecting so many people to come out, and so late! There was a contest on DC101 to win tickets and apparently a lot of people decided they’d come out even if they didn’t win, which was AWESOME! But they didn’t know to come early to avoid a long line, so we had a major backup until around 5 (an hour after the bout started) and people were still coming in even after that! We’re going to schedule to prepare for that next time. I also had two of my regular bouncers do the security tape set up so I could be at the volunteer meeting for new fans to see and recognize who I am and the taping still got done before the fans came in, which worked out fabulously. I need to do a little more prep work for my pre-bout bouncer meeting, but that went fine too.

The Bombshells/Whips bout was really exciting, the Whips were down by a LOT but they came back in the second half and if the bout had gone a few more jams I don’t know what would have happened! I didn’t get to see as much of the Cats/Scare Force bout, which was fine with me because I am a Cats fan and it is tough watching them get pummeled. Unless it is by the Whips, of course!

Someone wrote up their first time seeing DCRG, which was cool. I’ll be sharing photos and videos as I get them, too, so look out for that!

Sunday, I had friends over to play board games and that was a lot of fun. Today I start my new schedule, where I work at my current committee M-W and my new committee W-F. I had a meeting with some of the archivists in the Senate Historians office to talk about what is necessary and the extra responsibilities I’ll be taking on with the new committee, and I’m very excited (and a little nervous!) So I need to do some prep work for teaching these staffers how to archive their files. Fun! Scary!

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