This Week is NOT Living Up to Its Potential.

Sunday was awesome and fun and I had a great time and also went to bed at a reasonable hour. Yesterday I overslept to an extreme degree and got in trouble at/with work, had to stay to make up the missed hours that morning as well as one from last week which meant I was at work until 9. Except I left at 8:30 because I didn’t bring my lunch, with the plan to buy lunch since I was running late, except I left my wallet in my derby bag with my fez and my boots and the bouncer badges and GRAWR I FORGOT MY WALLET AND HAD NO FOOD AND OH MY GOD SO HUNGRY. When I got home I was feeling totally shitty and made a sandwich (and one for today) and then had leftover spaghetti and butter bread and then crashed and this morning? I STILL OVERSLEPT. Although I only ended up being 15 minutes late, which is not a big deal. But I am having root beer for breakfast and I made some cook and serve pudding last night and ate half of it right away because OMG STRESSED. This week I am starting a new work schedule-8 hours on Monday and Tuesday with one committee, 4 hours with each committee on Wednesday, then two 8 hour days with the other committee. Next week I can decide if I want to continue this schedule or work with one in the mornings and the other in the afternoons. I need things to not suck as soon as possible so I don’t go OMGAUGHWEKQWOH$TUWORGGTNA. Also I have to find out exact dates for comps, so I can see whether it interferes with derby. (Yes, I will skip a bout to take comps if I have to…but I don’t want to!) If I a) had time or b) had my helmet or really c) both, I would skate the shit out of this stress and it would be gone and I would be fine. But instead I am all OMGWRSWH$W$GHOPRIOWRNHWG(#PPSNRY. KEYBOARD SMASH.

There are some extra bouts added to the schedule, which is awesome-the DC All Stars are hosting some teams in March, April, May, and July. But I want to participate AND not go all DTIOHYW%(W@($%W$PTGHJ afterward. This Saturday I am going to mom and dad’s and will get my helmet and I think I am going to try getting up extra early and skate for a bit before cleaning the basement each day and destress that way. They live on a wicked hill but there are a ton of culs-de-sac in their neighborhood so I’ll see if I can get up to crossovers. Especially since I haven’t really skated since I went to Temple Hills, so I haven’t come close to achieving my New Years Resolutions/Goals for 2012 that had January deadlines. Bleh.


I almost forgot: Our January Bout was written up for DNN! (Derby News Network) and DCist


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