Sorry for the Late Post

I didn’t get a computer until a little bit ago. And I had to do, like, work things. So. Late.

Last night the pit crew points of contact had a meeting to discuss ways to improve for next bout. It was very productive but it was long and I didn’t get home until 9. I am wicked tired, y’all. I went to sleep at 10 last night and I am still sleepy. Is it 6 yet?

I will be editing this when I go home to include links to pics and articles from the January bout.

And now, like magic, I am home! FANCY. So! photos of the Bombshells/Whips bout, On Tap Magazine’s photos of both bouts and an article in the GW Hatchet. Now I am going to finish my hot cocoa and pass out. I gotta work tomorrow, y’all! Weird.

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