Not the best weekend ever

Friday was fine. Quiet. Saturday I was going to go to mom and dad’s to start cleaning the basement (and pick up my helmet) but I woke with a migraine and did a lot of relaxing and posted pics of my condom-eating cat being fascinated by the bathtub on the internet. I also sorted my change jar into those little paper tubes and discovered I have 21 bucks in change to take to the bank and turn into cash. or quarters for laundry. Whatever. My treximet (which, it turns out, in non-sample form is STILL the most frustrating to open package ever) allowed me to be mostly pain free yesterday. But today I woke up with the same? another? migraine, and pain levels plus nausea levels were such that I felt incapable of getting up and walking to the far end side of the living room, where my meds were, because the cats like to bat the container around, hockey-puckish as it is. I spent today drifting in and out of sleep, trying to convince myself to get up and grab a bucket and ice pack and meds but not actually doing it, until around 6 when I woke up feeling okay enough that I showered, got groceries and gas, and made some dinner (with enough leftovers for lunch all week and some more in the freezer.)

If I had not been sick, I would have done laundry and I would be going skating tomorrow night at Temple Hills, but instead I need to do laundry, assuming I can get a chance to turn my change into different change. (in quarters I have exactly 50 cents, which is one-third of a wash or dry cycle. not helpful.) Stupid life getting in the way of my plans! Stupid DC area traffic making going home such a chore! Stupid helmet being at mom and dad’s instead of here!

Actually, though, I’m in a good mood. 2 straight hours of 30 Rock will do that to you. Jon Hamm with hooks for hands! Can’t go wrong.


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