Whinging again

Nothing seriously bad has happened today, but lots of little annoyances have added up to a VERY grumpy girl.

1. day three of/third migraine. waited until meds kicked in to get up, because being upright was NOT a good idea. Katie was fine with it, since I emailed at 7:35 about potentially being late at 9…but I was not thrilled. I’ll be here until 7:15 tonight, which means no skating AND no laundry. Which means no skating tomorrow, either.

2. On the way to work, I hit EVERY. RED. LIGHT. EVER.

3. also on the way to work, a cabbie pulled up next to me and started screaming at me (despite the fact that my and his windows were closed) about not turning left at a yellow light. Know why I didn’t turn? There was a fucking SEMI barreling through at 45 MPH. Sorry I didn’t DIE so you could get somewhere 30 seconds sooner, ASSHOLE.

4. My computer keeps having weird graphics card issues which freezes the browsers (to use the legislation and hearing lookups, I need to use IE, but I use chrome for email and stuff) and windows explorer, so I get about 5 minutes of work done for every 20 minutes of sitting hear, waiting for it to stop freezing shit.

Something will go right today, won’t it?



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4 responses to “Whinging again

  1. Oh, Mels. You just seem to be having a string of suckdays right in a row. Here’s wishing your head would stop ‘sploding and that things will right themselves for you. Universal love and light beaming straight into your skull cavity.

  2. Any idea what’s going on that’s been triggering this rain of migraines? (For me, certain types of tension in the neck send me rolling down the hill, and also sinus problems seem to trigger.) 3 days in a row is brutal, brutal, lemon brutal. I hope this passes, and soon.

    • yes, I’m having what passes for a period on the IUD. last one I had was October, but it didn’t come with migraines. I’m guessing the whole getting used to working 8 hours a day again thing is the secondary trigger.

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