The answer to my question was “no”

My clementine was mushy and weird. My 5 bucks went missing. I ended up staying at work until after 8 trying to make my computer work. I wrote an email to our sys admin before leaving, asking him to stop by, but now it seems to be working fine and I know if I tell him “nevermind, things are not so slow now that I left the computer on overnight” it will immediately break.

I’m pretty sure I need a vacation where I just get everything together, and then another vacation to actually rest from getting everything together. Instead, I will continue to try to clean my kitchen in the 10 minutes between dinner and bed.

On the plus side, I am getting my change turned into different change so I can do laundry tonight. My book is finally available at the library, and I have time to pick it up, so I might actually make it to book club this month. My friends and I are being silly on twitter. I am getting lots of electronic records archiving done. My friends and I are being silly on twitter. I don’t have a headache. My friends and I are being silly on twitter. Wil Wheaton posted a video of himself singing Soft Kitty to his wife and my cats found it captivating. My friends and I are being silly on twitter.

It’s weird that twitter silliness makes everything better, right?

And it’s Tuesday. I’m running out of poems, you guys. Let me see if there are any left. Yes, I do. Here it is:

I like it when you touch me.
its never anything intimate, just a tap on the arm to make a point,
and it doesn’t send shivers through me, or thrills of lust, either;

it just feels nice.

Maybe, when we finally meet and you reach out as I know you will,

I’ll smile

and you’ll know instinctively that it’s because I remember
just how your fingertips feel on my arm,
though they have yet to brush my skin.

And you’ll smile too,

and we’ll live in that moment forever,
content in our remote intimacy.



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2 responses to “The answer to my question was “no”

  1. Twitter silliness really does make everything a little better, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s weird. It probably is. But, hey. There are weirder lifelines. Like furry porn.

    (“Twitter: Less weird than furry porn.”

    You can have that one for free, Twitter.)

    So…you’re going to be writing more poems, then, yeah?

    Because, “remote intimacy”? Ripper. Write some more.

    • ripper ISN’T A WORD, E.

      heh, I just watched the ep of 30 Rock where Liz tries to escape settling for Wesley Snipes the pasty white British guy by hitting on the other guy doing a reading at a wedding, and after they settle on going out he confesses he’s a furry.

      I will write more, but it’s a matter of having some time to myself when I don’t have a billion other things to do crowding my brain.

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