Happy VD! Also, some things suck.

I have been single on Valentine’s Day, and I have been in relationships on Valentine’s Day. But really, I don’t care too much about it. I like chocolate, so if someone is like “here, have some chocolate!” I’m all “YES PLEASE” and that’s pretty much how I feel about today as a holiday. So! If you love Valentine’s Day, have a Happy Valentine’s Day! If you hate Valentine’s Day, have a Happy Tuesday! And if you are indifferent, like I am, well, bring me some chocolate!

Hey, what sort of things does a judicial application of Tums cure in your tummy that AREN’T heartburn? Because last night when I went to bed, my stomach was PISSED. It felt like someone with needles for some of their fingers was kneading and mashing it. I got up and took 4 tums because I figured they couldn’t hurt (and 4 orange ones tumbled into my hand. FATE!) and if they didn’t do anything then I would move on to Pepto, but the tums worked. It’s been a bit grumpy since I got to work, but I figure that’s just because I am hungry.

The other day I was walking to my car and saw a squirrel gathering up leaves in his mouth. I thought it would be fabulous if someone had created a Hey Girl style tumblr called Hey Squirrel. Funny or Die already got to that meme, squirrel style.

I have a big rant about birth control and Catholic-affiliated non-church entities and whathaveyou, but right now I am waiting to hear from a friend who represents a different opinion than I do so I’m gonna sit on it for a bit.

I remembered my stuff today so I am going skating tonight! 2 dollar Tuesdays for the win!

And it’s poetry day. here ya go:

‘what is it?’ you ask,
already knowing the answer
but hoping to find an error in your
constantly infallible logic
eating away at the emotional stem
of your half empty wineglass.

eating away, that’s good, but why is it eating glass?
why isn’t it?

“what can I do?” she replies,
sure she can do nothing and so
despairing in response
sinking to depths unmeasured before
plumbing the roots of empty words

feelings, emotions, a soul’s echoes bouncing off the walls of a cavern of text
ASCII tunnel?

“So who’s up for a little marrow-sucking in this quiet life?”
He wants to provoke, to incite, but
tries too hard, tactics are wrong,
to incite one must not say “let’s do something!”
one must inspire by doing

perhaps by not mocking?
perhaps by less pretension?



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2 responses to “Happy VD! Also, some things suck.

  1. Love, love, adore this line: “So who’s up for a little marrow-sucking in this quiet life?”

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