I went skating last night!

It was awesome! I was immediately more comfortable on my skates than I was last time (and more comfortable in them–apparently skates made with some artificial materials are easier to break in than all-leather ones). I had an easier time not falling (although when I did fall, I still fell on my butt, dammit.) I was even going pretty fast on turns, at least when I wasn’t thinking about it too much. I felt like I was ready to try crossovers, but every time I decided to attempt them, I over-thought it and messed up or psyched myself out. :/ Considering how much more comfortable I was with just skating, though, I have a feeling I’ll be doing them soon.

The Temple Hills staff who skate the rink with us are all really great-both last time and this time, they would check on me and give me pointers. Most of my falls were the result of avoiding kids who were out of control and cut me off, or much more talented teenage boys who were showing off and cut too close to me (and if I hadn’t reacted, they would almost certainly not have caused me to fall anyway, but it’s HARD not to react!)…by the end of the night I fell a couple times just because my ass/quads/calves were tired of supporting me so my center of gravity moved back a bit.

I didn’t get to do even a full hour of skating though, because at 7:30 they did exclusive skates-couples skate, girls only (for which I obviously skated), boys only, and then advanced skaters only, who did tricks. Each skate was 10-15 minutes long, so when 8:20 rolled around and I still wasn’t skating I decided to GTFO already. I think this was because it was Valentine’s Day, as they didn’t do these exclusive skates last time I was there on a Tuesday, but I guess we’ll see next week. (Speaking of Valentine’s day, apparently I am the only one who didn’t get the WEAR RED memo, heh)

Charm City has a bout this Saturday, by the way. And the sign up to volunteer for the February 25th DCRG bout is up, so please sign up! 2 hours of volunteering gets you in to see the bouts free! Best deal EVER!



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4 responses to “I went skating last night!

  1. Awesome, Mels! Awesome! The over-thinking and overreactions that’re causing falls will slip away naturally as your confidence goes up, so the confidence you’re already feeling is fantastic. Skate, Sparklefez, Skate!

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