New job is weird.

So up to now, I’ve been doing half a week at one job and half a week at the other. That’s changing next week so I spend a half day with each committee every day, because it allows me to respond to stuff more quickly.

However, new job doesn’t have any place for me to put stuff and I share an office (as does almost everyone)…I have a small desk (it’s about a third of what I have at old job) and the floor space under the desk, and that’s it. I need someplace to put boxes of records! We’re working on it but it’s hard, because space is at a premium.

Also, I have no idea who I am sharing an office with. When I moved to my permanent desk, I introduced myself. The response? “You’re what?” I repeat my name. “Oh.” WHO DOES THAT?

As far as the actual work goes, though, it’s pretty cool. I am getting a lot of good experience (and my boss at old job happily answers my questions, because I am essentially doing here what she does there.) It’s 1 part what I do at old job and 3 parts new things, so it’s going to look great on my resume (note to self: update resume!) and will likely land me a great job after this one ends.

Tonight I am meeting up with a friend who is going to spend a year working in Japan. I am excited for her but I will miss her lots. Maybe my next job will include tons of leave and huge paychecks and I can go visit, though! *fingers crossed*

Finished 1Q84. I understand now how there were so many pages. There was a lot to wrap up before things could end. That being said, I didn’t find much that wasn’t expected happening after the midpoint. But it was really good, so I forgive it. Next up, some fluff (CE Murphy’s Urban Shaman, because I have been following her on G+ because she is interesting, but I hadn’t read anything by her) and some David Foster Wallace essays for book club.

Weekend: cleaning Mom and Dad’s basement, early prep for DCRG bout (February 15th! DC Armory! 4 pm! Get there early so you can catch the start!)



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3 responses to “New job is weird.

  1. What a twatty way of dealing with a cube-mate! No excuse for that kind of behavior. It’s hardly like I’m Mister Love-To-Meet-People but I can dredge up some bloody politeness when the need arises. Unreal.

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