No seriously, last night, as I was drifting off, my brain was composing disjointed poeticish phrases about fog and then this morning? It’s foggy. But not everywhere, just in a 2 block radius around my apartment building. Everywhere else it was sunny and warm and pleasant. BECAUSE I WILLED IT SO.

Or possibly it’s just a coincidence…nahhh. 😉

I now know the name of the woman who shares the office with me. On Wednesday I sent an email to our chief clerk to see if I could get some space for my boxes and she said she’d think on what we can do and she came in yesterday afternoon to talk with me about it, and asked the officemate some stuff as well. After she left my officemate spoke with me a bit, just a little getting to know you chitchat. But I feel less weird about sharing the space now.

Aside from cleaning at mom and dad’s this weekend, there’s a DCRG Pit Crew meeting Sunday morning, and I am hoping to do some skating in mom and dad’s neighborhood before that. I’m going up Saturday morning, and I have lots to do before I go, so tonight will be “finish cleaning the kitchen and then go to bed early” night. Which, I grant you, means this is gonna be the lamest holiday weekend ever. *shrug* I intend to make the next 3 day weekend count though, you guys, in a big way. Even if it just means I do nothing but be a slug with the boy ALL WEEKEND with only the eating of delicious junky carbs and watching of movies/tv and…doing other things. A lot. All weekend. . . is it May yet?

(My birth control rant will come on Monday, probably. I didn’t forget!)


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