Reading all day really mellows a girl out.

Instead of getting a rant about birth control that I didn’t get around to writing yet, you get pleasant happiness type things.

I did not clean any basements, because 1) I was busy doing other things and 2) the basements are not prepared for me to clean them, apparently. Yay! I spent Friday and Saturday with The Boy, being lazy nerd types who like video games and movies and reading…and other things….and then went to the pit crew meeting and my parents’ on Sunday. Attendance at the meeting was less than stellar, but the restaurant that took our reservation decided to open an hour late so as to not honor it, so it sort of worked out. Progress continues to be made, yay! I was full of headache from around 2 am Sunday morning but didn’t give in an take a treximet until this afternoon because it was never so bad I was like OH MY GOD NEED MAJOR MEDS but it was always bad enough for me to be lazy and grumpy and displeased with my brain. I think I might have been more useful as far as making progress if I had taken meds earlier, but I was hoping it would go away on it’s own.

Mom and dad showered me with gifts they forgot to give me before and shared photos of my adorable nephews with me and made me dinner. I also got my helmet and a birthday present from my brother and sister-in-law (and said adorable nephews, who are so adorable the world might explode, btw) so that was nice. I now own Bane-ana’s book about being a roller derby mascot and a shirt that proclaims proudly “I skate like a girl.”

The child size helmet was STILL too big but not SO too big that I would have to exchange it again for a child’s large instead of a child’s XL. I contacted Wicked Skatewear, from where the rookie package containing the original helmet was purchased, and S-One Helmets, who manufacture the brain bucket, to see if there were different sized sizing pads I could get and both responded ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND to help me out and I love them and so should you. In fact, in addition to thanking them via email, I mentioned it here, on facebook, and on twitter, which is something I hardly ever do unless the business mentioned behaves particularly douchily. That’s how awesome they are-they busted through the axiom that knowledge of bad customer service spreads a billion times faster/more/whatever than that of good customer service.

I wanted to spend today cleaning. That was TOTALLY the plan. Instead, I took my meds and decided to read until they kicked in. That was also the plan. Reality, it turns out, differed from the plan in that I read the entire book from page 1 to finish and I am very annoyed to have to wait to go to the library tomorrow. (I don’t have any cash to go skating with, so I think I will hit the library and then the pool parking lot for outside skating after work-luckily my wheels are hard enough for outside skating, though they aren’t so much designed for it as they are for GOING REALLY FAST ON INDOOR SURFACES.) Fortunately for me, I have two books to read that don’t have to be given back to anyone, so I won’t be bored at work during breaks tomorrow.

We REALLY need volunteers for the February bout, so if you want to get in FOR FREE sign up here…volunteering has other perks as well-you get to know the skaters, and if you volunteer a certain number of times, you get to join the pit crew and get invites to special events as well as discounts on merch! SIGN UP TODAY! And if that doesn’t appeal, come out to the DC Armory on February 25 to catch the Bombshells battle the DemonCats at 4 and the Whips face off with Scare Force One at 5:45 for a mere $12 bucks! (Get there early folks, the lines were CRAZY LONG last time. Doors open at 3 and there is beer and delicious food as well as cool merch, opportunities to get your picture taken with skaters, and skater-made crafts and baked goods for sale, too!)


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