In which I continue to be relentlessly positive

The old phone goes away today! (they’re changing the phones in the senate office buildings from ancient phones from the 1990s to modern phones from the early aughts!) I will regain at least 6 square inches of desk space! (Yes, I know it is sad that this is so exciting to me. Shut it.)

It’s senate recess, which is nice because we get to wear jeans and come in half an hour later (well, one committee does that, so I think I’m taking shorter lunch today until I clear the half hour delay with Katie for the week, but I am cool with that) and lots of people schedule vacations over recess so parking is better.

OH! DAMN! I forgot that I need to get a copy of my eye Rx so I can buy super cheap glasses to wear while skating. (Because my insurance does not have eye coverage, my dad graciously covers my eye related expenses, and does his at the same time, which means I have to go to the parents’ for that stuff, which means I will have to make the trek back to their area to get the Rx.)

This might be more stream of consciousness than usual.

When visiting mom and dad, I asked if I could have a piece of luggage from their giant collection of luggage (seriously, they have like 60 luggage sets. Or, you know, 4. Whatever, they’re practically the same number) to use to carry my skate stuff in, and they allowed me to take one (it has wheels! YAY!) so now my skates, pads, helmet, and tool kit are tucked away 🙂 there’s even room to throw in clothes to change into to skate in, for Mondays and Tuesdays when I go to Temple Hills.

Remember, this weekend is DERBY at the Armory! (I have to get my ass in gear for scheduling the bouncers. Hurry up, lunch break!)

As it is Tuesday, AND I REMEMBER that it is Tuesday, here is a very short, untitled poem:

Watching, waiting,
the moon setting on all attempts of normalcy.
Hoping, praying,
the sunrise will light a new way;
a path that won’t lead travellers off a new cliff
masquerading as a short drop.


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