The Joys of Pet Ownership, the less hilarious edition.

Why is it that my little pumpkinlump insists on only being sick after regular vets close? Last night (or more accurately, this morning) we made trip number 3 in two years to the emergency vet for Fitz. I’ve been a bit lax on Laxatoning him (yay, kitty intestinal lube!) and it seems bath time with Zelda plus FUR FLY MURDER TIMES when they chase each other and try to embalden one another (totally a word!!!) led to a hairball impacting Fitz’s cecum, which is an intestinal dead end. He barfed about ever hour or two from 11 to 3 last night, and then when he had no more to barf I syringed him water which naturally made him barf some more. Between barfs I was giving him laxatone but it wasn’t until the doc asked me about barf consistency that I realized he was puking that back up, too.

A little before 4 am I decided that his gums were too pale (a sign of dehydration) and I would have to take him to the kitty ER. I had been up with him all night (at least my insomnia chose a good night to rear its head!) and so my 4 am drive to Greenbelt took an hour as I 1) took the right exit and went the right way on it but then second guessed myself 2) turned around and went like 6 million miles out of my way before calling to check on which exit I should take (phone was at 7%, I am amazed I got to make 3 whole calls this morning) and turning around 3) going the wrong way on the exit (to be fair, she TOLD me to go the wrong way, alas) and finally 4) calling again and being told to turn around. (The routes to the ER vet and the local Wegmans are forever getting mixed up in my mind, because I go to them equally as often, which is to say not often at all. So I thought I had messed up and gone most of the way to Wegs when in fact I was almost to the vet when I turned around the first time. :/ *sad trumpet*)

Happily, fluids plus anti-nausea meds made Fitz feel right as rain, though we’re still working on getting that hairball passed. Unhappily, because of the anti-nausea meds and the antibiotics they want me to give him to avoid this hairball doing more damage, plus x-rays, my entire paycheck is gone. Little Bastard is lucky I love his smooshy face so much. After 25 or -six hours awake, I slept for around 5 and a half hours while he grumped about not being allowed to eat but soon he will need to eat and get pilled (fun. -_-) and, his Lord and Masterfulness gets to eat babyfood. Which I now have to go out and buy.

Also happily, I have super awesome bosses who are totally willing to let me make up my hours (part timers don’t get paid leave) whenever works for me, so I will be spending Sunday at the office (which, yes, is what *I* wanted) and didn’t even sigh laboriously (at least not in text) when I emailed to let them know a pukemonster was keeping me from working today.

At least it was good for my writing, because as I lay ready to drift into dreamland (which, weirdly, featured Charm City’s mascot Bane-ana as a coworker (not in the banana suit, alas)) I mentally composed a poem (and went over it several times in order to remember it when I awoke enough to write it down) so there just might be something new for you next Tuesday instead of old poems.



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