February Bout Report, and Other, Less Fun Stuff

I was hoping the DCist bout recap would be up before I updated, but it looks like it is taking a little longer than usual, so no link for you today. From a production standpoint, the bout went well-there were little things that went wrong, but when does that NOT happen? And they were all easily handled. The bouncer meeting started late because I got there late because of the cat and all that stuff (I am happy to report Fitz felt fine when I got home and there was no vomit congealing anywhere.) but things went fine. The bouts themselves were blowouts; final scores were SF1 279 to the Whips 23, and CBB 214 to DCDC 52. My friend J. took some pics of the second bout after he finished his volunteer shift. They’re here; my faves are the two of Jersey Jill and Yankee Scandal jamming against each other and grinning.

Here are Andrew Benedict’s photos; he’s become a regular at the bouts.

Additionally, a friend of mine who writes for a local nerd blog covered the event and took pics, so when that goes live I will share it, too.

After the bout The Boy and his roommate (who are now known collectively as My Boys, apparently) helped break down/clean up before we skedaddled to the after party, at which a good time was had by most. (The Boy is not a social butterfly and would have liked to leave sooner than we did, and I felt a bit guilty for not wanting to leave when he did. And accidentally sicced people on him by admitting it, oops.) Because not drinking at a derby event when you do not have a legitimate reason for it (driving in the next hour, taking medication, or membership in AA) is an affront to all good sense, people insisted on buying me drinks when I explained I couldn’t justify buying my own, which is lovely but also makes me feel guilty. So I drank, I shook my booty in a sedate, ‘I haven’t had enough to drink to actually bust out the prime booty shakin’ moves’ sort of way, I got lots of hugs and kisses and licked by two different people, one of whom I do not know well enough to be licked by (it was one of those things where it happened and I was like “uhm. okay.” but it didn’t really bother me. You know? I just said “that was unexpected” and we moved on.) I also proposed to one of the officials, so he is now my derby wife. (it’s a thing, just go with it.)

In other derby news, I am signed up for DCRG’s Derby 101 clinic, and I am excited to skate with other hopefuls and learn things! That’s on March 10th, so hopefully I will have mastered going in circles without falling on my ass by then 😉

We had grand plans for Sunday, but the only ones that actually happened were the ones involving me going into work to make up missed hours. I was exhausted by 9, and asleep by 10:15 (went to bed at 10) and woke up around 2 feeling annoyed that my bladder was insisting I had to pee. (I did not have to pee.) Since I had been asleep for around 4 hours I got up and proved to my bladder that it was mistaken, then internetted for a bit. I got back into bed just after 3, and then, out of nowhere, pain started, low in my back.

I have had kidney stones since I was 17 for sure and possibly 13 (there was no diagnosis that emergency room visit, they found no cause for my pain and sent me home saying “maybe your colon got tangled” when the pain went away after a few hours.) I haven’t had a significantly painful one since I was 24, however, and I don’t know how this one got big enough to be as painful as it was. I took 3 extra strength tylenol (which, I believe, is 3000mg) and put an ice pack against it to try to decrease the swelling that would be caused by the stone. I felt better after 15 or 20 minutes, but then after about 20 or 30 minutes there was breakthrough pain. (So called because it breaks through the meds.) I was up and looking for my insurance card with the plan of heading to the ER when it subsided. I’ve had some minor pains today, but nothing I’ve had to take anything for. I do worry that all these stones have scarred my urinary tract to the point that I am feeling the pain for smaller stones, and also that they’re not smaller, and that I am doing something that is keeping them from flushing out of my kidneys before they grow uncomfortably large. I used to see a urologist every year, but after 4 or 5 years of “okay, well drink lots and come back next year” for 60 bucks, when he moved to the Pacific Northwest I decided not to start up with his replacement, figuring I could tell myself that for free! But now I fear I will have to find another uro (possibly my first doctor on this side of the city–I still go back to the ones near my parents’ place for primary care and neuro appointments.) I was having 3 days of “urinary urgency” (feeling like you have to pee even if you don’t) but no pain or other symptoms, so I thought it was a UTI and was going to make an appointment this morning with my PCP. Guess I don’t have to do that now. But I don’t know that this is a good trade off.

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