Realities and Not So Much.

First, some press on the February bout: Rock Clobster’s write up made it to DNN! But if you want, you can read it and Spank Erin’s at DCist and also get some of James Calder’s fabulous photos. Those photos and many more are also available here; I’m even in one (sorta-I’m in the background anyway.) And the newest DemonCats, Sass, All-Ass, and Bruisie, the first two of whom helped me my first night on the rink. (Bruisie wasn’t there that night, or I’m sure she would have too.)

Second, I would like to complain about reality for a minute here. The reality is that I have to study for comps. I have to do practice essays. I have no computer outside work. I need the internet to get old questions to answer for my practice essays, and a computer to type them up. (Aside from the fact that my writing process is vastly improved by word processing, I want to be as close to the actual test as possible, and they use computers.) Plus I have friends who want me to hang out. I have no money. I want to see my friends and do something other than sit on my couch (although that reminds me that I need to have Comma over for some nerdery and chocolate martinis again soon.) Or, more accurately, THEIR couch, because mine is buried under a pile of crap. If reality would only conform to my needs for like, a month, it would be so much easier.

Instead, I muddle through. I’m going to get permission to stay late(r) and do my essay on the work computer. I am going to do little things around the apartment every day until it’s actually clean again. I’m going to J’s so he can tell me what’s wrong with my desktop and the cheapest way to keep it going for a few more months, which will also scratch the social itch to some extent.

Can March be over, please?


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