Lots of Derby and Feminist related links, and some bitching.

First, let’s start with the link for the discerning feminist fantasy reader: Feminist Fantasy dot com. Like to read fantasy novels? Tired of 2 dimensional female characters, readily accepted patriarchies, and superhuman supermodels? Feminist Fantasy has your back! Keri shares recommendations for fantasy novels that are feminist-friendly.

Also, today is National Self Injury Awareness Day. Self harm is an unhealthy way some people deal with situations or feelings that are incredibly overwhelming, and can be a symptom of mental illnesses like depression.

Self-injurers come from all walks of life and all economic brackets. People who harm themselves can be male or female; gay, straight, or bi; Ph.D.s or high-school dropouts (or high-school students); rich or poor; from any country in the world. Some people who SI manage to function effectively in demanding jobs; they are teachers, therapists, medical professionals, lawyers, professors, engineers. Some are on disability. Their ages range from early teens to early 60s. In fact, the incidence of self-injury is about the same as that of eating disorders, but because it’s so highly stigmatized, most people hide their scars, burns, and bruises carefully. They also have excuses ready when someone asks about the scars (there are a lot of really vicious cats around).


Harrison Area Roller derby, or H.A.R.D., needs your help to raise money for the arts!

Denver Roller Dolls do their part to stop domestic violence.

DCRG! In the Washington Post! On the front page of the Metro Section!

Lots of luck to the Mason Dixon Roller Vixens! They find out today if they will be a full WFTDA league!

Okay, bitching. First off, let me just say that coming home at 11 pm to find that your cat lovingly vomited all over your bed? Not the best end to the day ever. (No sheets were on the bed, because I have been a lazy ass this week, fortunately.) It soaked through the mattress pad into the memory foam mattress topper, though, so if anyone has any tips on cleaning NASA SPACE FOAM, please comment! I stripped the bed and slept on the couch last night. Tonight I will have fun with OxyClean! Whee.

Secondly, while I am delighted that the Blunt Amendment was tabled, but we have to stay vigilant and urge our representatives in congress not to let this happen: as I said on Facebook, I am sure the argument when people complain would be to say “you don’t have to work for that employer” but you know what? If my option is to live in my car or work for that employer, and I have other lives depending on me, then yeah, I kinda DO have to, at least temporarily. But I also don’t want any of the many dangerous health issues that can be prevented by taking birth control. Additionally, I don’t want anyone besides myself and my doctor making decisions about my body and what goes into it. I am a grown woman with my own mind, I don’t need a babysitter. It’s appallingly hypocritical that the party that doesn’t want to government to regulate everything is desperate for the government to regulate this.

In positive news, the exterminator is coming next week, which forces me to get my but in gear and clean up the apartment. Maybe I can actually keep it clean this time? *fingers crossed* If my computer isn’t fixable, or not immediately fixable, The Boy is willing to loan me a box he has just laying around, so I can get back to not staying at work until 8:30 (which, yes, I did last night.) My advisor agreed to look at my first practice essays (I sent them to her and two of my core class professors I had more recently with the request that they look at them and give me some pointers if they have time.) She said she’d try to get back to me in a few days, which is lovely, because it means I can spend the weekend cleaning and then start fresh with new essays next week! Ugh. Is March over yet? (Comps are the weekend of the 25th, so when the All Stars skate at Crofton, I will be celebrating not needing to pay CUA any more money, god willin’ and the crick don’t rise)

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