Everything’s a leetle bit off

OH MY GOD you guys, I don’t know what it is about this week, but I am having another “one of those days.” It started when my alarm didn’t go off. I woke up, I smiled; I am awake before my alarm and don’t feel the need to snooze for ever! How early did I wake up, anyway? SHIT!!! I scrambled to get ready. I washed my hair with conditioner. I used shampoo to shave with. I happened to go downstairs before the office officially opened but while the door was open, so I popped in and picked up some packages, which was a great relief, but then instead of pushing the button that lets me open the door to get out of the building, I just ran smack into the door. I got outside and I couldn’t remember if I parked on the street or in my spot, so I glanced to where I usually am if I’m on the street. No car, so I headed to my spot. *record scratch* no car. What? Where? Two car lengths behind where I normally park if I’m parked on the street. And, as has been the norm in the past two years, several people felt it was a good idea to walk out in front of my car when it was moving and I had the right of way. One guy, he WAITED UNTIL HE NO LONGER HAD RIGHT OF WAY TO CROSS. Then he gave me a sheepish grin when I slammed on my brakes in terror of running down an old man. Not cool, elderly DC resident. Not cool at all.

Work was not stressful at all, and some of my issues that I had to figure out got dealt with (I scheduled a meeting with the historian’s office to see if they could give me some pointers, and they did!) but for some reason I am really tense today. My shoulders keep creeping up to my ears when I’m at my desk, and when I am walking I keep finding my teeth clenched. When I went to lunch, I had to buy it because I didn’t remember to grab mine this morning. I ordered grilled cheese and some bbq chips. the guys said “is that it?” I said yes and handed him my card. Stood around for 15 minutes (some of which was spent chatting with the staffer who had jumped my battery last week, who also came to see the bout over the weekend) before wondering why I still don’t have a sandwich. Check my receipt; I only paid for the chips. No time to order now, so my lunch was bbq chips and 4 thin mints. There’s a committee archivists meeting at 2, but I think I might go back down and get a snack afterward, because I am starving. My lunch hour, when considering travel time, is 40-45 minutes. (10-15 minutes from the morning office to the afternoon office, 5-10 for meeting travel time.) My boss at afternoon office isn’t here today, so I have to take extra good notes to share with her when she gets back in town. Let’s hope that, at least, goes according to plan.

Had more to say, but I’ve got to get moving.



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2 responses to “Everything’s a leetle bit off

  1. I hope your day has improved and that your evening rocks!

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