Apology and Update

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post yesterday, hopefully Saturday night/Sunday morning’s photo post was enough to tide you over. I was migrainey yesterday, and I only went into work to coordinate with NARA and deal with some boxes. (I worked about 30 minutes, all told.)

so the computer at home is back to running. Switching out the monitors seems to have magically worked (although I couldn’t get my speakers to run when I hooked everything back up again, which is annoying. Fingers crossed it lasts at least until June, and that I get a full time job that pays enough to live on for when this one ends in June.)

I’d slept on the couch most of the weekend (Saturday night I slept over at the Boy’s place to avoid it) and I think that’s where yesterday’s migraine came from. My right shoulder/neck were KILLING me and are still pretty sore today. I couldn’t sleep in my own bed until the mattress topper, which Fitz had barfed on last week, was cleaned and then dried. Drying memory foam takes FOREVER. I finally got to sleep in my own bed last night.

On Saturday, and a bit of yesterday after I started feeling better, I did a bit of cleaning in the apartment. Most of it has been dealing with paperwork: the shred, recycle, or file game. I also dealt with old photos (some of which will get scanned in next time I go home to mom and dad’s, I hope.) I have a bit of straightening up to do in the bedroom, and then everything will be as clean as can be without extra bookcases and storage drawers.

I’d be all done already, except that on Sunday a friend of mine from my Tower Records days offered me two tickets to the Washington Capitals game. I couldn’t say no! I love the Caps, and Green is back on the ice, and they were in section 112!!! So I grabbed DC Demoncat Sass and my Ovie and Green jerseys and we watched the Caps and Flyers duke it out. (This was Sass’ second live Caps game, very exciting!) There were a lot of Philly fans sitting near us, but only one was being remotely douchey, and it wasn’t really THAT douchey most of the time. Philly fans have a bad reputation, but the ones around us were pretty cool. During one intermission, the mites on ice skated and first goal was scored by a young girl. They did an interview with her after, and when asked if the boys on the team push her around she said “Yeah, they push me around. But I push them back!” Sass and I cheered, as any derby girl would. Some guys a few rows down in Flyers jerseys loved it, too. The game was really well played, and though we lost, it was 1-0 because Neuvy was doing some great goaltending. We just couldn’t catch a break against Bryz (we were outshooting Philly for the first two periods, he just kept stopping the puck.) Sass and I talked about fliering at Caps games, since there is an overlap between derby and hockey fandoms, but I guess it’s been discussed but not started yet, because of time and points. Might bring it up to pit crew, since points are less of a big deal with us.

Saturday is Derby 101! I got the pads for my helmet and it fits perfectly now, so I am all set! If the pads didn’t fit, Scorey (Scoriental Express of Scare Force One) was willing to lend me her back up helmet, but I’m glad I don’t need to borrow it; it’s good to have your own gear. (I’m super grateful to Scorey for being willing to share, though!) My suitcase full of stuff is sitting by the door, waiting for Saturday morning. Eeeeee!


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