Late Post is Late

Sorry, work has been a bit hectic this morningtoday, so my post is a bit later than usual. Here, have a pseudo-list

1. I thought my kidney stone might have passed*, because it has been so quiet. Cue 3am wake up. It finally stopped moving around 9:15. With tylenol’s help, I slept through a lot of it. I’ve never tried OTC pain relievers for stone pain before, because they had been so ineffectual for migraines that I had to take dangerous levels to have even the slightest effect. I stopped taking them altogether at that point. Since I started using B-2 for preventing migraines, I can take OTC meds for aborting them, which means my body is not so inured to the pain relievers, and they have an effect on my pain. (Was that as convoluted an explanation as my brain thinks it was? I can’t tell anymore.)

*Blessed with the female urinary tract, I don’t feel it when I pass the stone. I just feel it as it moves into position to be passed, because it tears up my ureter (the tube from kidney to bladder).

2. Fitzy has been wicked affectionate for the past week or so. I come home and sit down, and he jumps in my lap. (Since he is not a lap kitty, he just stands there, but still.) He snuggles me and/or The Boy at night (The Boy, being a dude, puts off more body heat, and thus is a more desirable snooze partner). He follows me from room to room (this is usually Zelda’s M.O.). He walks over and stretches up my leg to get pets. He headbutts my boobs. It’s getting weird.

3. Mere and I are making a list over on Twitter of suggestions for dudes who want to get laid. When it’s done, she’s gonna blog it. I will link it. Feel free to share it with all the actionless dudes in your life.


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