Derby 101 and Date Night

Saturday I had a date with The Boy. We were going to a late-afternoon showing of the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. (I love the Drafthouse. Beer and food and comfy chairs and GIANT SCREEN FOR MOVIES. Plus I saw Chris Hardwick there last spring. WITH BEER.) It was a good time. We got errands done beforehand, so I can FINALLY get my backup glasses for derby, and I got book 6 of the Walker Papers series from the FCPL (for some reason, the library nearest me doesn’t have 6 but it does have 7, which just came out. *shrug*) Then we headed back to my place and The Boy fell asleep for 4 hours! He slept like 30 hours this weekend, I swear. I napped with him for about half that time and read the other half, and when he woke up we went to his place to be goofy and nerdy and hook up his computer (2nd floor) to the giant tv (basement) so he can nerd out with video games on the GIANT TV. Then we harassed* his roommate til the small hours of the morning.

Before the date, though, I had to conquer Derby 101 with the DC Rollergirls. I’ve only been to Temple Hills at 7 PM, so I grossly overestimated how long it would take to get there at 7 AM. I arrived at 7:20 or so. Fortunately, I was not the only one who was there before the doors opened, so I had company. Several of my fellow volunteers were there to learn about skating derby, and I am friends with most of the skaters who were teaching, so that helped to squash the butterflies in my belly. (The bats in the belfry, I am afraid, are unsquashable.) We geared up and signed waivers and stuff (signing your name when wearing wrist guards is way harder than signing your name while wearing wrist braces, in case you wanted to know.) I helped set up the track, and off we went!

You guys. I know I am in much better shape now than I was in September. The scale tends to tell me 132 or 133 pretty reliably, most of my pants are loose around the waist, that sort of thing. But none of that mattered when I came to warm ups. I AM SUCH A WUSS. We did 10 squats (no problem!) then 30 arm circles, then 10 squats then 30 arm circles the other way, then 10 squats than 30 bigger arm circles. Then we did pushups and planks and side planks. I can usually plank for a couple minutes, and I can side plank until the cows come home. but after all those arm circles and push ups (of which I could only do 8 at a time, with my knees down, because OH MY GOD MY ARMS and did you know there are muscles behind your boobs? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) my arms were jelly, so I couldn’t plank as long as I was supposed to (which, we were assured, was fine, just take a second to rest and get back up! Which I did. But still.) Finally, it was time to skate. We worked on form (derby stance: GET LOWER) and stops and falls and lateral movement for the next 90 minutes or so, did cool down combined with a Q and A session, and then stripped off our extremely sweaty gear to let the next class (a skate jam class) take the rink. I know what stuff I need to work on for try outs (t-stops and getting up faster from my falls, plus some of the lateral movement stuff, and always, always, derby stance) and that my basic cheap ass mouth guard totally makes me feel like I’m going to choke or suffocate or sometimes barf (when we were running drills, I would take it out when I wasn’t skating, so I could freaking BREATHE.) so a protech mouthguard is the next derby-related purchase, once I have some money for it.

I also learned that one of the girls hoping to try out lives really close to me! I took her home from the rink and got her number and we’re gonna skate together sometimes. She’s also gonna sign up for volunteering. Yay!

This was a really good weekend. I was wicked sore (and I fell down a lot, when not practicing falls, ๐Ÿ˜‰ on my ass, so there are some (fairly small) bruises there) all weekend (and today!) but it felt great, you know? And this morning I got up early (despite daylight savings and the government stealin’ my hours ๐Ÿ˜‰ heh) and did some squats and pushups before stretching out my tired and grumpy muscles. I’m a little worried about the groin muscle in my left thigh, because it took a lot more stretching before it loosened up, but it DID loosen up, and I am feeling good. Gonna start doing squats and pushups every day. I have to talk to the downstairs neighbors about hours when it would be best to practice falls on the balcony (I don’t want to disturb them any more than I have to!) and now that it’s light out after 6pm I’ll be skating outside a lot more. SO EXCITED!

*mostly I harassed, and The Boy kept working on his setup. And by harassed I mean allowed him to drunkenly ramble and occasionally made fun of him. (It’s our thing. The making fun of each other bit, not the drunken bit.)

Sign up to volunteer during Sunday’s bout to get free! admission!



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4 responses to “Derby 101 and Date Night

  1. Derby 101! Bloody awesome! How long is it until meat camp? (It’s meat camp, right? I know it’s something awful sounding like that.)

    Keep up the awesome, Mels! I can’t wait to come out with a Sparklefez sign at your first game/match/whatever-the-heck-you-call-it-in-derby!

    • LOL Meat camp happens after tryouts, assuming I make it through tryouts. They haven’t set a date yet for tryouts or determined the specifics of meat camp though. I think they’re also trying to find another term for meat camp, like they started calling girls skaters on tap instead of fresh meat. And it’s called a bout. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Justine

    You are awesome! And the new layout looks great!

    • Thanks Justine! On both counts ๐Ÿ™‚ I was getting a lot of clicks to my gravatar, and I figured whoever was doing it was looking for the “about” page, which was all the way at the bottom of the old layout.

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