DC Rollergirl Frankendoll Talks Derby

Some multimedia students at Corcoran College made a video at the February bout featuring Cherry Blossom Bombshell Frankendoll!

DC Roller Derby from Colby Waller on Vimeo.

I didn’t skate last night despite the gorgeous weather and later sunset, because traffic was awful and when I got home I realized that by the time I got into gear it would be dark :/ But I hope to do some skating tonight if I get home in time, and if not I’ll at least make arrangements with the neighbors about when I can best practice falls and lateral movement on the balcony, and once it’s dark I’ll get some reading done for comps studying.

My mood has been ridiculously good since Saturday morning. Derby really does make everything better! And last night I got the bouncer schedule done, which is fabulous and unprecedented. It is never done this early! We’re even shy 3 of our regulars! I’m sure there will be some last minute adjustments, but still. Normally the Monday before a bout I have about half the schedule filled in. I was able to give those working longer ours breaks, even! I love it.

Workwise, I had to teach someone to archive today. They were definitely the sort that didn’t want to take any more time than necessary, so I basically just went through the steps with her quickly and told her to  to call if she had questions. I also left her with a packet that answers all her questions, but naturally rather than read it she just calls. That’s okay though, the packet is more for when I am no longer here and they’re archiving on their own. (Yes, I got hired to teach people who already don’t have time to archive how to do my job so they don’t have to hire someone to do my job. I know. It’s okay.)

And it’s Tuesday, so here is this week’s poem, written last week:

I lie floating on my back
hoping I look more like a log
than a dead fish to the
sharks circling below.
It’s easy, and restful,
and I bob happily
but as I allow my feet to drop
to cooler waters and lift my head
I see the shore is farther than it ought to be

I do not panic, I know what to do
and I set myself to swimming parallel to shore
confident I can find my way out of the current
pulling me farther from home
but after miles and miles
I’m still caught in it
my muscles burn with lactic acid
and I wonder if it might not be better
to just 



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3 responses to “DC Rollergirl Frankendoll Talks Derby

  1. Lovely and sad poem, Mels, and the sense of a shore in sight that won’t get closer is not an unfamiliar one. I’m glad you’re writing new work, and hope you can keep doing so.

  2. Whoa! I’ve been reading you on G+, and SO didn’t expect the design change! Anyway, that aside… I really loved this week’s poem, Mels. I think the single line “imagined?” is particularly stellar.

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