Thinking up titles for these things is the hardest part about blogging

Here’s a great shot of the Capitol Offenders (the travel “B” team) featuring Ovary Action, Grreen Eggs and Wham, and Hooah!Girl (CapOffs in blue) facing off against Cape Fear Black Harrts.

Been making good on my decision to do squats and pushups every morning. I do my squats in sets of ten with arm circles in between (but I’m a wuss and only do 20 each time right now) then I do 5 push ups (still on my knees, but in April I’m going to switch to trying up on my toes) then pull back into child’s pose to stretch my arms and pecs for a couple seconds before doing 5 more push ups. Then I stretch. Starting next week, I’m going to start doing this early instead of snoozing for 20 minutes and then doing it, so I can do other workout stuff as well. No skating so far this week (frowny face) because of random shit getting in the way. Gonna skate like whoa Saturday morning though! With the warm ups (squats et al) done before I walk over to the parking lot with my gear.

Work has been keeping me very busy, and I was reading the most recent Walker Papers book by C.E. Murphy at lunch, and I was not about to miss any of it for blogging yesterday, sorry. I love me some urban fantasy, y’all. And Joanne Walker is one awesome chick. I also love that the covers usually feature her entirely clothed and not in some impossibly uncomfortable position. I discovered last night that Luna, who that puts them out, is a Harlequin imprint, so color me surprised! If you can do it with these books, Harlequin, I know you can do it with your other books! My one beef with the Walker Papers though, is that none of the lists of books in the series that are at the front of each novel mention that there’s a novella that is between book 1 and book 2, and it gets referenced and has bearing on the action in later books. I finally read that, too, although I knew essentially what had gone on from the various allusions. (I say finally like I’ve been reading these for ages, but the truth is, I picked up book 1 like 2 or 3 weeks ago.)

I want to register for the next Derby 101, but I have been having more money issues. Turns out that when one of your student loans come due because it’s been 60 months since you took ’em out and you can no longer defer them for being enrolled in school, they ALL come due. But they don’t all come due on the same day. I wish the language they use in their correspondence to tell you this shit was more clear, I thought it was just the first loan and that it would be combined with the other payments I’m already making. Alas, live and learn. (It’s a statement to the healing powers of derby that instead of falling apart at this, I am like “meh. this sucks but I know for next time.)

Also, don’t forget: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! DC All-Stars versus Queen City and Cherry Blossom Bombshells versus Scare Force One. $12 gets you in for the first WFTDA sanctioned inter-league bout of the season!


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2 responses to “Thinking up titles for these things is the hardest part about blogging

  1. You’re keeping up with the squats and the pushups! Booyah! Fucking awesome, Mels. Now kick the stupid shit out of the way and get on the skates! That shit doesn’t want to get out of the way – God, do I know that – but all that shit is an even whinier bitch than I am. I think. Maybe nothing is. Hmm. Let me think about that.

    I used to work in student loan consulting – for many, many years – so if you want to run anything by me to see what your options are, I might be able to find something to help you. Possibly not, but if you want a second set of eyes, I used to be a bit of an expert on that stuff.

    • It’s all little things that keep me away from my skates after work until it’s too close to sundown to make it worthwhile. Like, the other day, I forgot my badge in the morning office and my car keys in my afternoon office and didn’t notice until I got to my car so I had to walk back to my morning office and then to my afternoon office and then BACK to my car and it was 20 minutes after I should have been gone before I even got to leave. But as the earth continues to revolve around the sun and this hemisphere is tilted more toward it, the longer evenings will be a skating advantage even in the face of stupid shit.

      I may take you up on that. A few years ago I tried to consolidate my loans and they told me I couldn’t but I didn’t really understand why. I’m gonna try again sometime this week.

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