Oh my God, why does EVERYTHING make me CRAZY?

I have been doing great all week, very much duck’s back-ing all the things trying to drag me down. So why is it that the second my parents get involved, my back is less duck-like and more sponge-like?

because of my student loany issues, my rent check bounced. I gave them another, they took it, then 2 days later returned it saying they can’t take a check (I actually knew that, but had forgotten, and the girl who took my check is new and still learning. I am not mad at them. Frustrated with the sitch, but whatever. Not their fault.) No problem! I can do that. It’ll be a hassle, but totally handleable. The nearest location of my credit union is at the Navy Yard. My dad works there, so I called him to see if he could get me on the campus. (He can’t, because he’s working off-campus today.) We chat a bit about budgeting and all that, and then he suggests I move. “To Texas, or somewhere where they will pay you money. You better start cleaning your room. Whoa, wouldn’t THAT suck? You have no jobs right now.” I point out that I actually have two jobs right now (this has been a recurring theme with us) and I am applying to jobs for when these two end. He grudgingly admits that that is good before asking when they end. “Oh, you’re screwed. Bye! *click*”

I know he thinks this is helpful. He does. But it is SO NOT HELPFUL. It just stresses me out and makes me cry. And they wonder why I hardly ever call unless I need something.

Lots of little things combined with this to make me a grumpus today. But! All is not lost. Thanks to the intrepid reporting of one John Scalzi, I now know about this:

My life will be incomplete until I own it. And screen it. With lots of booze. FOR THE GOOD OF THE PLANET.



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6 responses to “Oh my God, why does EVERYTHING make me CRAZY?

  1. Parents so often have the piece missing in their brain that tells them when being parental is not as helpful as it sounds. That compulsion that makes them give a well-meaning lecture as the price of any help, because it’s for your own good and we know best for you, darling is so goddamn annoying and counterproductive. If it makes you feel better, you’ll probably do it to your kids if you ever have them, so at least you’ll balance out the scales, or something.

    It doesn’t make you feel better, does it? Balls.

    • No, it doesn’t. My parents, love them though I do, are why I am not certain I want kids. If my brother hadn’t had to delightful and adorable sons, I’d probably still be in the NO KIDS, NO WAY category.

      I also didn’t exercise this morning at all. I snoozed for an hour in 5 minute increments. Because it was hard to fall asleep and then to stay asleep. So I was DEAD. short lunch today because I was late, because I WAS DEAD. So glad it’s Friday. Gonna try to sort of embody Weezer’s “All Hang Out” tonight, “’cause I need to release”

  2. Oooooooh that would totally grate my cheese if a family member did that to me. I’m all snarly on your behalf!

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