March Bout Report

Before I get to the action, read this awesome post on DC Geeks about the DC Rollergirls. I have known the author of that post since 9th grade, btw. Because I know AWESOME PEOPLE.

Okay, so yesterday was DCRG’s first WFTDA sanctioned bout of the season. The DC All-Stars skated against the Queen City Furies, from the Rochester NY area. Queen City had scrimmaged against Charm City yesterday morning before their bout with us, and it definitely showed when they got on the track. Before the bout, I worked with Fury Pepper Stix to set up their video camera so they could film the bout, and she could not have been sweeter. Some people assume derby girls are all tough aggressive bitches on and off skates, but all my experiences show that they save it for the track and are awesome and delightful off-track. All-Stars won, 175-77.

Second bout was between the #1 and #2 teams, Scare Force One and the Cherry Blossom Bombshells. The first half had the Bombshells in the lead, and I know there were a lot of pink-clad fans hoping CBB would upset SF1’s undefeated status, but in the second half, Scare Force took no prisoners. Final score was 138-100.

Both bouts were amazing to watch, and the one thing I don’t love about volunteering is that I don’t get to watch as much as I would like. Of course, since I’m always floating as Head Bouncer, I do get to watch more than some other volunteers, so I shouldn’t look that gift horse in the mouth, huh?

After party was at the BierGarten Haus in H Street. It was surprisingly well attended for a Sunday night, and we maybe stayed later than we should have because I AM SO TIRED OH MY GOD. Also, after I washed my inserts, I forgot to put them back in my boots, so my feet hurt ABOMINABLY by the end of the bout. And, leaving the party, The Boy and I were taking the metro, which is a bit over a mile away, so I was very whiny about my feet. I was talking with Comma (the Oxford Commakaze) on the way to the party about this sort of thing: big huge pain I can handle stoically; kidney stones and migraines and all that. Little stuff, like sore feet and paper cuts, make me whine and bitch and moan like nobody’s business. I am just special, I guess 😉

This week is Last Minute Prep for Comps Week; no skating for me, only studying! Bah. That means it’s extra important to add in lunges in my morning workout. Which was planning on doing anyway, but OMG I WAS SO SLEEPY THIS MORNING it’s a miracle I wasn’t late. I didn’t have time to do ANYTHING but shower and dress and go. Oh! Speaking of grad school, at the bout yesterday there was a guy there who I was CERTAIN I recognized, but couldn’t remember why. I saw him three or four times and it was bugging me so much that I finally stopped him and said “I know I know you, but I don’t know why!” He was in my Government Information class last semester! I’m so glad someone actually listened when after classes I announced our bouts! (Yes, I am THAT nerd.) We chatted for a couple minutes and he wished me luck on my comps. (He’s not taking them until next spring, but knows a lot of people who are taking them now and are FREAKING OUT.) I mostly just want to use this week to re-read some articles and skim chapters from textbooks so I can remember to make references to the literature in my essays. I sent out practice essays to my advisor and that was her biggest comment. I had a little more critique from another professor, but it basically reminded me that after I finish writing the essay I need to take a minute to clear my head and then re-read it to make sure I actually answer the question. I’m surprisingly calm about comps now that they’re almost here, but I know it’s because I’m not thinking too much about it. Thursday night I am going to be freaking out, I suspect.


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