SLIS* Comprehensive Exams, day 1

spoiler alert: I’m awesome.

I was in the shower this morning and accidentally drank shower water. Through my nose. Then I worried about whether or not that was an omen.

Before that, I got in the arm circles, squats, pushups, and lunges, too, because needing to be somewhere at 10 is so much easier than needing to be somewhere at 9. Even though my alarm didn’t go off AT ALL. My brain was like 7:02 am? NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN, BABY. It was appallingly difficult to do the lunges, though, even though I decided to start small and only do 10 on each leg. 2nd leg? SO MUCH HARDER THAN THE FIRST.

Saw lots of familiar faces at the check in, it was nice to see Lisa and Pete and everyone. And THANK GOD FOR PETE. I was all twitchy and nervous and ready to burst into tears at any second and then he asked me about roller derby. He’s in the same room as I am, too, so I am going to bring him something nice tomorrow as a thank you (once I figure out what to bring. Maybe just a nice note. I dunno.)

We went into our room and our proctor was the professor whose concerns over my academic performance kept me from taking the comps in the fall (and were expressed in a meeting with the dean and my advisor THE DAY BEFORE COMPS, which, FYI, is not the best way to deal with this sort of situation. God, I was a mess. She felt really bad, too, I know, but OH MY GOD I SPENT LIKE AN HOUR IN MY BOSSES OFFICE SOBBING AFTERWARD.) The bonus there is that I knew she was rooting for me to do well and she also didn’t have to look around at all to find me when she was making sure everyone was there.

As soon as I finished reading the questions (there are 5, and you answer 2) I was pretty much fine. I made some notes in chart form on my scratch paper and went to town, reread (and edited somewhat) the first essay, the rinsed and repeated for number two. I was the first one done, after about 95 minutes, which probably would worry normals, but I’ve always tested pretty well and quickly, and am often the first one done regardless of exam format, and I felt so confident in my essays that I am not worried at all. If tomorrow goes the same way, this means I will have more time tomorrow to clean out my car, get some skating in, and practice 60s style hair and makeup for Sunday’s Mad Men party. Or more time with The Boy, because I totally forgot to ask him about the Harry Potter-athon and he’s spending Sunday with a friend, brewing beer. Either way: SCORE!

*School of Library and Information Science.



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4 responses to “SLIS* Comprehensive Exams, day 1

  1. 1) you could always try alternating lunges (they’re a little harder but end up being easier to even out)
    2) If you would like some company skating on Saturday, I might be interested in joining depending on time and location.




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