Comps day 2, All Stars Sunday bout, busy sleepy bee me.

Comps day two went reasonably well. I took two full hours this time, because the questions were not so much designed for me as they were on Friday (Friday I knew immediately which two I wanted to answer. Saturday, I spent a little time hemming and hawing.) There was a pizza party at 1, and I gorged on mini cupcakes and pizza and chips, then went home and food coma-ed for a few hours. Then I stopped by The Boy’s before heading up to Frederick to celebrate the birthday of a friend I’ve known since 8th grade (we lost touch for a bit, but for all its faults, FB does let me get back in touch with people)…I got pulled over on 270, but thankfully the cop just gave me a warning. He also told me that in MD the law is to pull over to whichever side of the road is closest, which I never knew, so that is helpful. (When he asked if I knew that, I was afraid he was gonna nail me for speeding AND not pulling over to the left hand shoulder. Color me super-mega-relieved when he didn’t ticket me for either.) My excuse is that I thought the speed limit was 10 MPH higher than it was, (and contrary to the cop’s statement, I was not the fastest thing on the road that night, I got passed by a LOT of people) because where he pulled me over was like a half mile from where it goes up 10 MPH but whatever. No harm no foul and all that. It was great to see K, and I finally got to see the final Harry Potter movie. I also met K’s kitties, who are very sweet, and some of her friends, who seem like my kind of people 🙂 On the way home, Bruce told me she was too low on gas to make it all the way home and I had a few adventures trying to find a gas station open at 1am, but I made it back in time to sleep for 5 hours or so before the Sunday Bout.

The All-Stars were skating against Central New York’s All-Stars, who has skated in Richmond the night before. It was pretty close for the first half, but in the second half we really beefed up our score and kept CNY’s low. I live-tweeted it, because this bout was at the Skate and Fun Zone in Crofton, which requires very little in the way of security so I mostly just watched the bout. There are some pics here. After, we went to a local diner for the brunchy after party. We arranged it ahead of time, but somehow some wires got crossed, so instead of getting the party room, they just sat us as tables came available, and I ended up bailing because I was hungry and tired and Dixie and Pants were leaving too and being silly with Dixie and Pants is 40% of my reason for going to after parties (the other 60% being comprised of being silly with the rest of the DCRG gang, beer, and dancing. Two of those were not gonna happen at brunch in a diner, so….) I crashed for 3 hours or so when I got home, made a green eggs and ham sammitch (green with spinach, not mold) and got ready for the Mad Men costume party at the drafthouse. Pipe and I enjoyed dinner and drinks and the Mad Men premiere with a number of dapper dudes and lovely ladies in 1960s era outfits (and some schlubs who showed up in regular clothes) and I got home and de-teased my hair and washed my face and then it was 7am and I was ready to go back to sleep for another week or two.

When I get home, I’m going to do 1 sinks-worth of dishes, make my lunch and have dinner before SLEEPING FOREVER or until my alarm goes off at 7, whichever comes first. Somehow, despite this weekend being all junk food all the time, I lost 2 pounds. *shrug* I must have expanded my rib cage, though, because I couldn’t fit into the dress I wore to the Mullins’ wedding, and I was 5-10 pounds heavier then. Ah, well. I wonder if I can get it tailored, it is too cute not to try to salvage it.

soooooooo tired


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