I’m so exciting, so very very exciting

You guys, when I got home last night I didn’t even do dishes. I made the world’s most half-assed sandwich EVER and climbed into bed with the last couple chapters of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Lights were out by 9:30, but there was some dozing before then. I slept SO FUCKING WELL OH MY SWEET SUMMER CHILD* IT WAS AMAZING. The pre-lights out dozing was interrupted by a phone call from a friend-of-a-friend. Said FOAF has an extra ticket for tonight’s Caps/Sabres game, and I had initially turned it down because I am poor and I know someone who would be as thrilled as I would to go see the game and COULD pay money for it. But it turned out she already had plans, and the FOAF didn’t want to ticket to go to waste when the seat could be filled by a bona fide Caps fangirl, so I am going to the game tonight. It will be an adjustment, as I have never sat in the 400 level (I’m spoiled, you guys, the farthest back I’ve been is the 200s.) However, I can survive that, I am sure, because I will be rubbing every Caps goal in my friend Rachel’s face via twitter and being there is ALWAYS better than tv (not that I can watch the game on tv anyway, now. I “watch” via twitter when I am home.)

This morning I stepped up my workout. Between my sets of 10 squats I started doing 30 arm circles instead of 20, and while I still do them on my knees, I can do the 10 pushups without pausing after 5 to rest in child’s pose. It was also suggested after my last post about exercise that I alternate legs when doing lunges and only do 8, so I have been doing that but I think by the end of the week I’ll be doing 10 alternating lunges because it’s really only the last pair of lunges that have me going “oh hey, ow, tired.)

DC Skater on Tap Rock Clobster’s write up of Sunday’s hangover bout for the All-Stars is up at Derby News Network, and she reminded me of something I forgot to mention yesterday: CNY’s Pied Viper JUMPED OVER LOIS SLAIN TO GET OUT OF THE PACK. If Lois had popped up from her fall one second sooner, she’d have headbutted Viper’s ass. Two seconds sooner and she’d be wearing Viper for a hat (before Viper’s skates rolled right off Lois’ helmet, anyway). CRAY. ZEE.

*sidenote: I’ve been reading a lot of Mark Does Stuff, mainly focusing on his Mark Watches Buffy and Mark Watches Angel right now, and this is a phrase he says a lot and I like it. Also, I want to watch him watch stuff all the time, because he is SO ENTHUSIASTIC and EMPHATIC.

Poem time is apparently downer time this month; here’s an old one:
I cry in the car for someone I’ve never met.
this song just brings it out in me
I don’t know you, I’m sure you were great
but its not really you I’m hurting for.
they say funerals are for the living
and this I know is true
my heart breaks, not for the dead.
only when strangers are around
pain too precious to spend on friends
leaks from beneath the patches
in my little rowboat
one oar slipped out into the lake
as I tried to patch the hole
but it only got bigger,
a hole in the world


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