Busy and Sleepy like WHOA.

So yesterday I had lots to do at work and lots to do in my capacity as DCRG charity committee member, so no post ended up getting written during the day. (My lunch was all commuting to a meeting, having the meeting, and commuting back to work.) I thought I’d get home, unwind a bit, do a ton of dishes and then write a post. Instead, I got home, prepared to unwind for a bit, and slept until 1:30 in the morning. And then from 2:15ish until 7 am. Because I am apparently VERY TIRED. My theory is that all the orange juice I am drinking is partnering up with EXTREME SLEEPTIMES to prevent my immune system from succumbing to whatever creeping crud destroyed the staff of my morning office these past two weeks. Which is great, because I don’t want fevers and dying and all that, but also sucks because I’d like to be able to see my kitchen counter and prevent my cats from peeing on dirty laundry and stuff like that WHILE I am not feverish and dying and all that. Being able to see my boyfriend for more than 30 minutes last Saturday would also be really great. I can’t believe it’s only Thursday, either. ANOTHER DAY OF THIS SHIT?*

So I have been sore enough that I skipped working out today, but I did yesterday and Tuesday, so yay not a total slug. I was also very spacey this morning. You know how sometimes you are awake enough to sit up and have your eyes open but you end up staring off into space for ages before being able to do anything more? I was doing that all morning. Including in the shower, which is the 2nd most likely place for me to succumb (going back to bed is the number 1 danger, staying in the shower until there is no more hot water is number 2.)

Also, while I was not hungry before, I would REALLY like to eat like 20 waffles right now please.

*I like my jobs a lot. But apparently I need my rest and they are getting in the way of it. And doing other things that are necessary.

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