Weekend Fun

This was the first weekend in I don’t even know how long that I didn’t have a billion things to do. Of course, this meant that the things I meant to do didn’t actually get done because I was basking in the chance to not do stuff….

Things that I was planning on doing this weekend:
-lots of skating
-fact-gathering and aggregating about bat houses for the family meeting at The Shore
-going to the family meeting at the shore
-watching Game of Thrones with The Boy
-emailing Screamer about asking skaters something on their mailing list
-dumping all the cat litter, washing out the litter box
-washing all the dishes
-washing all the laundry
-taking down and cleaning the vent grate in the bathroom
-lunching with my aunt

Things that actually got done:
-dumping out the cat litter, washing out the litter box
-lunching with my aunt
-washing all the dishes
-Watching Game of Thrones with The Boy
-some of the laundry.

I TOTALLY forgot all about the meeting, although really, it’s probably for the best, as it would have been a great investment of time and money/gas and while time I finally have (at least some of) money/gas I do not. And it’s too late to put bat houses up this year and expect to get inhabitants, anyway, so it’s not like it’s urgent. The apartment is messy but not dirty, if you get what I mean there (well, except for the freaking vent grate in the bathroom and the ceiling fan blades in the living room, which look like tribble breeding grounds, they are so fuzzy with dust)

I spent a lovely weekend with The Boy, however. Friday night at my place and Saturday night/Sunday at his. We barely got to see each other last weekend because I was so busy, and didn’t manage to get together during last week either, so it was very nice to spend some time together. His roommate cooked us dinner, Sunday, which was very good and also very nice of him. (The Boy gave me mock-crap when I thanked Roommate for cooking, because I didn’t thank The Boy for cooking when he made mac and cheese for lunch. “There was heat involved!! And I didn’t burn the floor!” (which he will not let his roommate forget, ever.))

Tonight The Boy and I are going to an advanced screening of The Cabin in the Woods, which I am extra excited for because Fran Kranz is gonna be there! When I got the tickets, I crowed about it on facebook: “[The Boy], I got us free passes to go to the CITW screening in DC with FRAN KRANZ OMG FRAN IS GOING TO BE THERE If he wants to marry me, I am leaving you.” The Boy responded “It’s right next to RFD! Where I will go for lamentation if Fran offers you a ring.” We might be silly. (Happily, The Boy is very not jealous. I was teasing the roommate about something, and called him ‘babe.’ The Boy: ‘Babe?’ That’s not reserved for me? Me: Sex is reserved for you. The Boy: *jokingly thinks about it for a second* Okay! I really love that he is so understanding of the fact that I love everyone, and have hugs and endearments for them, but that it’s different than how I feel about him.)

I have Friday off, because both of my offices decided to be closed that day. I’m gonna see if some of the other newbs wanna skate at Anacostia that afternoon. (I’m lunching with the derby folk who work on the Hill that day, too, but that was arranged before I knew I had the day off, or I wouldn’t have had to make them conform to my bizarre scheduling.)


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