The Cabin in the Woods! (Spoiler-free)

Last night was the DC screening of The Cabin in the Woods with a Q and A session with Fran Kranz and Kristen Connolly. I got there around 6:30 and the line was already appallingly long. I was hoping to meet up with some of stardotgeek’s friends from twitter (and I think I was actually in line in front of one, briefly!) but the cell signal where I was standing was terrible and we were communicating via twitter…I missed them (and everyone else from twitter who I knew/thought was going to be there, bummer) and wished fervently that I had brought my book with me from the car. They let in about half the line, then stopped letting people in, then let people in again, then stopped, and The Boy was almost there (he had to come from farther away, starting later, than I did) when they let me in. I told them I was waiting for someone and the girl brusquely said “you have to go in” and then kept the line moving, except we only knew vaguely where we were going and I wanted to be sure The Boy could get in so I got in line at concessions (needed something to drink SO BADLY) and he showed up soon after that and then we had to argue our way into the theater because the girl who demanded I go in insisted that I was not a part of the group she sent in because she “went with them.” Uhm, no, you stood there for 2 more minutes letting people through and then followed them, maybe. You didn’t escort the entire group one by one. They found two seats right up front for us, though, so I was MERE FEET AWAY FROM FRAN *SQUEE* when they did the intro to the film (which basically had the theater guy introduce them and then they went away, which I thought was hilarious. “See? We have movie stars! But we won’t let them talk to you right now. Bye!”

The movie. Was. AWESOME. Do blink tags still work? Because I would totally blink tag that first sentence in this paragraph for emphasis. I’m of mixed feelings about horror movies; I like them, a lot, in theory. I like them when they are good when I am watching them. I HATE THEM AFTER THEY ARE OVER AND MY THEN-BOYFRIEND DECIDES TO JUMP OUT AT ME IN THE DARK OR WHATHAVEYOU. Or, you know, when I am lying in bed imagining, say, the vengeful thing from The Grudge crawling up from the foot of the bed, UNDER THE COVERS. So I rarely see them in theaters. If I watch them at home, I can open the curtains and let the sun shine in and turn on all the lights and do not-scary things between watching and bed time. Also, I prefer to avoid the torture-porn subgenre. No Saw movies in my netflix queue, thank you very much. The Cabin in the Woods was great, though. Had scares but didn’t have me wide awake all night, and definitely wasn’t the same old “co-eds in the woods” style feature. Whatever you are going in expecting, you are wrong. Unless you are just going in expecting excellence, because that is there in abundance.

After the movie ended (gloriously!), there was the Q and A. The moderator was from Shock Till You Drop, the website that sponsored the screenings. He asked 5 or 6 questions and Fran and Kristen talked for a bit, and then he asked for audience questions. There were a few (I saw around 10 people raise their hands) but he only took two questions. Whaaaaaa? Way to hog all the question and answer time, dude. Fran and Kristen were obviously surprised when he wrapped it up after 2 audience questions, and graciously hung out in front for people to talk to afterward. I told Kristen they were awesome on my way to ask Fran *dreamy sigh* if there was news for a release date for Much Ado About Nothing, of which there currently isn’t any, boo (he said that they were taking it to a couple festivals but no wide release news yet. I hope they get megafunding at the festivals so we get a wide release date!!) and while I was asking he took my hand to shake it (which I was not expecting and probably held on too long, heh but oh he is so dreamy and he was right there and SQUEE!!) Fran did not propose (though he did maintain a disconcerting amount of eye contact, although that probably had something to do with me gazing wide-eyed and adoringly at him, heh) so The Boy did not have to drown his sorrows. We got free t-shirts and exclusive screening posters, and then skedaddled to find a parking ticket on my car. (Really, DC? Really? It was 10 minutes! Come ON. Jerks.)

No poem today, because I don’t have one, unless you count the one I jokingly composed while we waited for the movie to start, about burping in The Boy’s ear. Which I don’t. I had a great idea for one Friday, but then I forgot it, blast it all. Anyway. Go see The Cabin in the Woods. Cheer when appropriate. Jump when things are scary. And if you see Fran at a screening, feel free to give him me number. 😉



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2 responses to “The Cabin in the Woods! (Spoiler-free)

  1. paulidin

    I’m glad to hear the line really was long at 6:30pm. I foolishly didn’t think to treat it as anything more than a regular movie so I didn’t get in. Next time: at least an hour before showtime, if not longer! Learned my lesson.

    Everything about your experience sounds AWESOME! SO JEALOUS!

    • After years of going to Can’t Stop the Serenity, I have learned: if it’s Whedon-related, get there CRAZY early. MY friends used to think I was nuts for going to the Drafthouse 2 and 3 hours before CSTS until they had to try to park for it….

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