Why I became a librarian and an update on the Dewey/DCRG Drive for DCPL

Pamie shared an update about the drive and then talks about HER love of libraries:

All of this appreciation for books and how they bring people together started with a love of the library. It is heartbreaking to think every kid doesn’t get this chance, this experience. It is, in fact, the entire point of the DC STAR program — teaching families that love is in sharing storytime.

All I have to say to that is WORD.

Okay. So. I’m a Navy brat. Our family didn’t move as much as some military families, (my first move was at 3 months old, and my second was at 6 years old! Lucky me!) but every time we did, I made the local librarians my first new friends. This was especially true when we moved from one house to another in the same town, between fifth and sixth grade. We moved from several miles down the local highway from the library to maybe a mile’s walk away, and I walked to the library at least twice a week to get a new pile of books. I was a voracious reader, just like my dad and brother were, but being able to go to the library by myself? I surpassed them in sheer volume of reading within a month. (Of course, not being in high school or having to hold down a job helped.) My friends in the neighborhood and I would hang out at the library when we weren’t at each other’s homes. I thought about how great it would be to be a librarian, and be surrounded with books and computers ALL THE TIME. And get paid for it!

Then we moved to DC. I went to high school, and then college. I still loved the library (the only job I held in college was at the university library, working 8 hours a week with inter-library loans) but I had been seduced by other possibilities. I was going to be a theater teacher. Until, that is, the second half of my junior year when I dropped out of college, burned out on the theater scene (after doing nothing else for almost 8 years, burnout is understandable). What would I do with myself now? I went back to college, got my bachelors (in English-what better degree than one that asks me to read all the time?) and as that was coming to an end, my then-boyfriend started talking about librarianship and I remembered being 12 and 13 and clearing out the YA section of the Gales Ferry Library, and how cool I felt, knowing the librarians’ names and being allowed to check out novels from the general collection (adult (not THAT kind of adult) books! WOOHOO!) and started looking into library science programs. I got accepted to the one at Catholic, obviously, and to one in Hawai’i as well (and I occasionally kick myself for not going there, despite the fact that I could never in a million years afford to live there long enough to get my MLS) and to one in Arizona. I decided on staying local, and I’m so glad I did. I have had so many library-related opportunities, and if I hadn’t stayed here, I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful friends I now know through DC Rollergirls!

Without a love of reading and a love of libraries, I would not be the amazing person I am today. Please support DCPL’s STAR program, so someone else can experience the same love of reading and libraries.


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