Today is Gonna ROCK

First of all, my super exciting-to-me-but-probably-not-you news: you know that skirt I talked about? The one I keep not getting rid of despite the fact that I can’t fit into it?


I have to wiggle and struggle a bit to get it on, but once it is on it fits comfortably (I have more hips now than I did when I bought it, I think) and I had to trim up the thong that laces up the front because my cat chewed one end of it so it was uneven, but it fits and it’s cute and YAY!

As far as the Dewey Drive is concerned, everything’s coming up Milhouse! Plus, yesterday, an anonymous donor challenged Dewey fans by offering to donate $300 to both drives if we raised $2000. We raised it so quickly he or she donated $350 to each drive!

Those of you who know me or have read this blog for a while know I am a big John Scalzi fan, and I often share things he’s blogged. He’s also a friend of Pamie’s, so is using his blog to suggest to his not-inconsiderable readership help, too! Yay!

For those of you who didn’t read click the first link, a recap:

  • My contact at the DCPL Foundation, Linnea, reported last night that “As of 5:00pm ET, we’ve had 48 donors give a total of $2,420!”
  • She asked if I thought we could beat DCRG’s record for most successful drive (around $6300)
  • Pamie took that as a challenge and said Dewey fans can beat that EASILY, so prove her right!
  • she also asked that if you have some sort of donation incentive to offer, please contact her or Glark



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