This weekend was pretty damn good. I had Friday off, and used my time to lunch with some of the other derby girls who work on The Hill, which was ridiculously fun. Sm’Ak brought me a couple sets of wheels to try out, too, which I put on my skates yesterday. Friday night The Boy and I went to hang out with a few friends from derby as well, and it was lovely to see them.

I tried her poison slims outside yesterday (and her too-small gaskets, which are also too small for me–I thought they were okay, because they’re supposed to be pretty snug, but then I took them off and was like “OH HELLO BLOOD THAT WASN’T IN MY FEET, WELCOME TO MY TOES!”) And they were okay (they’re hybrids-indoor/outdoor) but not as good as the wheels Batty had on her skates, that I was using back in the fall. I asked Batty about them and she linked me to a site I can get them from, and I’ll look into that when I can. I’m wondering, though, if I’m just becoming more comfortable on rinks and less comfortable on asphalt. When I go out on a rink, I automatically get into derby stance. Yesterday, on the asphalt, I kept trying to stand up and wondering why I was all wobbly. Still need more practice with t-stops and plough stops. Tried practicing on the balcony, too, but instead of stopping properly, I’d run out of balcony and either spin or stop because I had something to grab so it didn’t matter. I guess balcony is just for practicing falls. (neighbors love that, I am sure.)

I’m meeting some other fresh meat hopefuls at Anacostia Skate Park after working this morning, but I have to stop by target or walmart or somewhere, because I forgot a) socks b) some way of pulling my hair back that I can use with the helmet on and c) my water bottle. I remembered to bring a change of clothes, but not socks. Oh well. The Anacostia rink is outdoors, but apparently the surface is smooth enough to use indoor wheels. I’m gonna keep the poisons on, and try Sm’Ak’s heartless wheels at temple hills. Speaking of TH, when I changed the wheels on my skates, I discovered three dollars in my tool kit bag thinger that I forgot was in there, so I can go skate at the rink sometime. Yay!

In other news, I am very sleepy. And I don’t have any updates regarding the Dewey Donation System and DCPL and DC Rollergirls’ book drive, so you guys should donate so I have updates to share with you!

This coming Saturday at the DC Armory the DC All-Stars are taking on the Maine Port Authorities before the DC Demoncats try to keep the Majority Whips from repeating their premiere-bout victory. Doors open at 3, All Stars bout at 4, Cats and Whips bout at 5:45. BE THERE. And, if you volunteer, you get in free!


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4 responses to “FAT KNEES

  1. I understood exactly none of the Skate/Gasket/Poisonslim stuff, but I *did* understand all the “You’re doing better on the rink” talk, so FUCK YEAH!

    • gaskets help your knee pads stay on/in place so your kneecaps stay in place! Very important. You know how you see runners in knee braces that are like made of wet suit material that only covers their knees? these are like that, only with extra padding surrounding the kneecap, and often some velcro at the top and bottom to help hold kneepads in place. poison slims are narrower than the poisons, although not by a whole lot. I am glad to be doing better on the rink, but I want to be doing as better on asphalt, because if you do well on asphalt you can skate much faster on the rink than people who don’t skate on asphalt

  2. modwild

    Yeah, I wasn’t there but I was kicking ass in my head with you. 😉

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