Skating and Chores

So after work I went to the skating pavilion at Anacostia Park. (Attn parents: this was during the day, with the sun shining full of evildoer destruction, and also not in the really scary parts of Anacostia, I promise.) I met one of the girls from the mailing list and she gave me some pointers about my stance (she is a transfer from North Carolina) and then skated on my own for a bit after she had to leave. I was working on my stops, which, while better, were not ideal yet. An older black dude, who is obviously a skate-dancer, gave me some tips on what I was doing wrong with my t-stops. In hindsight, it’s totally obvious and I don’t know how no one noticed it before (and how I kept getting the opposite advice from some people!!) I was putting too much weight on my back foot. I can consistently t-stop with my left foot behind; next task, doing so with the right foot behind.

After I got home I ran some errands/did some chores. Got a package of Karen Mary Marshmallows to my friend (FINALLY), got laundry money, did my taxes and my laundry. And let me tell you, the fact that medical expenses must be 12% of your income chaps my ass. My IUD cost 11% of my income. This is why birth control prescription coverage is so important! I use the IUD to prevent migraines; with an anti-depressant, it is the only way to keep my migraines from occurring 3-4 times a week. But whether or not I use it for a non-pregnancy prevention related reason, I should not have to pay that sort of money, out of pocket, when I am on unemployment insurance. This should be covered. You can choose not to use birth control. I need it. Let me get it without going bankrupt.

In other news, I love this promo from the London Roller Girls:

You can enter to win 2 free tickets to this Saturday’s double header. Wanna know how? go here! Also at that link is a giveaway for an advanced reader copy of the Fug Girls’ newest novel, Messy, and notes from me and DCPL’s children’s librarian Micki.

Also, please sign up to volunteer at this Saturday’s bout if you can, or come out to the Armory to cheer on the All-Stars and the Whips or Demoncats! 2 hours of volunteering gets you in free, 12 bucks gets you in otherwise.

No poem today, but here are some lyrics that feel particularly apt lately, from “Crown of Ages” by The Ettes:

It’s harder than you know
To get where you belong
Somehow you’re always there
Somehow it’s always wrong
As far as I can see
That much’ll never change
It’s what you always know
Just like your name



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4 responses to “Skating and Chores

  1. Ha! When I used to play hockey, I had a chronic problem of being able to stop right but not left. Weird that you don’t get both feet working when you get one. You think it would be more natural to switch feet for something as simple as a stop.

    Insert ONLY SLUTS NEED MIGRAINE RELIEF Christianist rant here, so you can yell at me and get some frustration out. ’cause that’s some straight bullshit that it’s going to cost that much, uncovered, for needed medical relief. Unbelievable.


      Honestly, I find that switching from one to the other isn’t that hard, I just have to remember I’m doing it. Otherwise, lots of foot-confusion and falling happens.

  2. Your IUD costs ELEVEN PERCENT of your income?? That’s fucking INSANE! That… that… that just makes me want to run around D.C. and smack politicians in the head with a hammer! (Note to Secret Service: don’t worry, I will not actually fly to D.C. with a hammer.) (I will simply buy one when I get there.)

    • yes, but to be fair, I was not making even 20k a year last year due to unemployment and partial employment. Still, I think that it should really count as deductable since I was unemployed for 2 months and only made 600 a month for 7 months.

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